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Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Players can control pilots and Titan mechanical robots that stand approximately 7 to 10 metres tall. Pilots have a variety of abilities that enhance their capabilities in combat. All pilots have a jump kit that assists with parkour, double jumping and running. Pilots have more specific abilities unique to each "class" that enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities, such as grappling hooks for enhanced manoeuvrability or holographic visual cloaking devices. Pilots use jump kits to run on walls that can be linked together to travel quickly between locations.

Titans are far less mobile than pilots, but they have stronger guns and excellent protection. Replacing the three professions from the first Titanfall, six Titans were introduced at launch - Ion, Scorch, Polaris, Ronin, Tone and Legion - while Monarch was introduced in the May 2017 Reign of Monarchs DLC. Ion uses a directed energy arsenal and uses a shield that can capture and then reflect enemy projectile attacks. Scorch uses territorial incendiaries and indirect fire aluminium heat mortars for combat. Polaris excels at long-range precision strikes using charged projectile guns with movement-restricting traps and is the only Titan capable of leaving the ground and hovering. Tone's target locking weapons focus on medium range combat. The Legion uses a rotating cannon designed for sustained fire at medium and close range. Finally, the Monarch (added to the post-release version through downloadable content (DLC)) is a Vanguard-class chassis that can steal power from other Titans to augment its own defensive shield. Titans have their own movements, unlike pilots, for example, they can dodge to avoid attacks. The game is a sequel to 2014's Titanfall and was released worldwide for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 28 October 2016.

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How to play

Captain Lastimosa has Cooper participate in an Iron Harness training simulation in the spare time before the ship is about to land.

Cooper is only an infantryman now, far from becoming an iron master.

The system will then ask Cooper if he needs to reverse the mouse, and the reluctant player will choose yes, and the player who needs to adjust will choose no. Enter the simulation world and Captain Lastimosa will continue to explain to Cooper.

First of all, run through the corridor, come outdoors, stick to the brown wall on the right side as a flying wall, as long as you hold down the blank key you can keep running against the wall, release the blank key will fall, and then press the blank key can use the wall for bounce jump. Next, use two jumps to cross to the high platform, and then enter the shooting range.

In the shooting range, choose your favorite gun, recommend R201 (R201 is a modified version of R101C in "Titanfall"). This gun is very stable, basically no recoil and low jump of the star, is a beginner's weapon, most players like to use this gun.

The first thing you need to do is practice the basics, R button to change ammunition, right mouse button to aim, and then shoot all the targets in front of you. Return to the lobby and another door will open.

In the second armory, Cooper has to participate in a timed exercise and recommends taking the Spitfire Light Machine Gun (this is a modified version of the LMG in Titanfall, hereafter referred to as LMG). This gun has sufficient lethality and a large amount of bullets, and in this exercise you basically only need to change the magazine once, which can reduce time wastage. Also remember to take two pulse grenades, the pile of dolls can be solved together. Start this exercise, the first thing to do is to start flying in the armory, it is recommended to choose the right wall to start, then enter the first war zone when you can jump to the left side of the wall to strafe the dolls below.

LMG this gun to shoot first and then aim, so that the accuracy of the gun will be improved, if the transfer operation will need to press the gun.

Then enter the second narrow war zone with a slide shovel, beware of the mannequins on the left side of the gate, and remember to strafe the mannequins inside the rock pile when you fly over it.

After the stone pile immediately throw a pulse grenade ahead, where the three dolls will be instantly destroyed. The next part of the corridor among the dolls are solved by grenades, and the remaining dolls will use LMG to shoot them blind.

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