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Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies
9 Nov,2023
Updated:October 25, 2021/October 25, 2021
Developer: EA Swiss Sarl
Tags: strategy simulation action combat survival plants iOS Android classic boys girls puzzle

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Plants vs. Zombies™ is this classic real-time strategy game, get ready to fertilize your plants because a horde of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie plants - pea shooters, nuts, cherry bombs and more - to cover 26 types of zombies before they destroy your door.

The game is all about the player controlling the plants, fending off the zombies and protecting this botanical garden.

Plants vs. Zombies is a very good RTS game that also demands intelligence from the brain and reactions from the little brain. Wisdom and reaction are basically difficult to change, and here I will call these two conditions qualifications, the better the qualifications of the player, the faster the speed of technical improvement.

About tactics

After having the right strategic idea, you have to rely on the tactics to realize the strategy. The range of tactics includes a wide range of plants, plant matching, battle formation, plant and zombie encounter is war or defense which all belong to the scope of tactics. The right tactics can make players in the battle victory key. Choosing the right tactics requires analyzing the situation before making a decision. Then improving tactics is also to improve the ability to analyze the situation.

Operation is the cornerstone of the whole game, good operation can make the strategy and tactics out well. Excellent operation can be divided into two aspects, the fast action and the correct method. The way to improve the operation ability is also to improve the speed of operation and operation skills.

Improve the speed, the first is to change a good set of mouse. Full mouse operation, a positioning precision, in line with the human body mechanics of the mouse will make you feel that the operation is a kind of enjoyment, good operation is a kind of art. Absolutely will make your water operation level immediately on a grade. Of course, there is no condition to replace does not matter, their own skills are the most important. The way to improve the speed of operation.

Quickly and effectively block the zombies in the path of invasion. Otherwise zombies will eat your brain, players need to use different strategies to defeat zombies with plants to avoid being eaten brains.

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How to play

Plants vs. Zombies™ is a tower defense game. is a tower defense game in which a horde of bloodthirsty, brain-eating zombies will continue to flock to your garden, and your task is to defend your garden. How will you protect it? You will be given an arsenal of plant weapons (yes, plants!) ) that can destroy hundreds of zombies in a matter of minutes.

As most players already know, in Plants vs. Zombies™ you can choose from a selection of more than 20 plants to defend your garden: sunflowers that can't attack but provide sunlight, pea shooters that provide long-range base defense, and a variety of plants with defensive features.

The game is similar to other tower defense games in that players have to place a series of plants with attack or defense functions to stop the constant arrival of zombies entering the hut and eating the brains of the occupants. There are five scenes in the game, namely day lawn, night lawn, day pool, mist pool and rooftop. The lawn and the pool are divided into day and night and whether there is fog or not. The daytime lawn, nighttime lawn, and rooftop are divided into five tracks, while the daytime pool and the foggy pool have six tracks. Usually zombies appear randomly in one of the tracks and follow a straight line. And normal plants can only attack or defend against the zombies on one track. There are also some one-time attack devices such as lawn mowers at the end of each track, which can clear all zombies on that track.

Not only is there a wide variety of plants, but Plants vs. Zombies™ has a wide variety of zombies. Regular zombies are equipped with all kinds of protective gear, as well as zombies that sit in cars and zombies that dance.

50 fun death-defying levels, conquer all 50 levels in adventure mode - day, night, fog, pool, rooftop and more. Plus fend off wave after wave of zombies in survival mode if possible!

Not a garden ghoul, battle pole vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26 more fun zombies. Each has its own special skills, so you'll need to think fast and plant faster to fight them.

Smarter than the average zombie, be careful how you use the limited vegetables and seeds. Zombies love brains so much they will jump, run, dance, swim, and even eat plants to get into your house. Open the Almanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to help you plan your strategy.

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