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Ben 10: Up to Speed
Ben 10: Up to Speed
26 Aug,2021
Updated:August 16, 2018/August 16, 2018
Developer: Cartoon Network
Tags: Parkour Leisure Adventure GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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"Ben 10: Top Speed" is a very good parkour game full of various challenges. The game is based on an American-made science fiction anime, using the alien mysterious ability to launch speed sprints to jump obstacles, defeating enemies along the way, constantly improving your abilities and challenging the highest speed! Classic anime characters are present and villains will give you a lot of difficulties, strengthen your skills and equipment in order to defeat them and crush the enemy's plots!

This is a game full of challenges. The game uses the alien's mysterious abilities to launch speed sprints, jump obstacles, defeat enemies, and constantly improve your speed and agility!

Use Ben 10's alien powers to run, jump and smash your way past the enemies, obstacles and supervillains in Ben 10: Up to Speed!


Ben TENNYSON Ben was traveling with his grandfather Max (Maxpa) and cousin Gwen (Gwen) when he discovered the alien watch called Omnitrix. Now he can use it to transform into an alien superhero, each with amazing abilities.

Unleash the Alien

powers into super-powerful four-armed weapons, the fiery Heatblast, the swift XLR8 and many more incredible aliens. Use their individual abilities to blow up bad guys, smash obstacles and even enter alternate paths.

Enhance OMNITRIX's abilities

Upgrade the aliens and the Omnitrix itself to make it faster, more powerful and more heroic. Become the right alien in every situation to make the most of your powers.

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How to play

This is a game full of challenges. The game uses the alien's mysterious ability to launch speed sprints, jump obstacles and defeat enemies, continuously increase speed, and be flexible!

Build up your energy for extraordinary alien powers and unleash them in battle!

 Transform into your favorite alien heroes from the TV series, such as Four-Handed Overlord, Flamer, Diamond Warrior, Boomtown Thunder, Wild Devil Vine, Overflow Man, Little Wonder, Glider, Flash Star, Shapeshifter, and more!

 Switch between alien heroes in battle to round out your tactics!

Assemble your team of precious alien heroes.

Open Super Eggs and unlock valuable rewards!

 Collect, upgrade and manage alien heroes - each with their own unique play style and ability combinations!

 Use alien abilities in battle!

 Gain experience, upgrade alien heroes and unlock their true potential!

New alien heroes are on the way!

Fight your favorite villains from the Ben 10 TV series.

 Battle your favorite villains from the Ben 10 TV series, including Mordjas, Slasher, Dr. Goh, Sandoz the Clown, Steampunk Max, Morris, Sidney, and more!

 Decipher Mogajas' ultimate plan and stop him in time before he takes control of the Transformation Watch and conquers the Earth!

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