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Temple Run
Temple Run
28 Jan,2023
Updated:February 24, 2020/February 24, 2020
Developer: Scopely
Tags: Adventure Puzzle Android Leisure Minion Rush Parkour Escape Entertainment iOS GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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Temple Run is a wonderful Parkour game. This game is widely accepted by many players since its official release. Generally speaking, this game has three its own distinctive advantages. The first advantage is that this game adopted full 3D third-person perspective. So it will give players a kind of visual enjoyment because other similar games just adopted 2D perspective. So this is a eye-catching point of this game. The second advantage is the rich content of this game.

Besides running, players can collect golden coins. With these golden coins, they can buy relative powerful tools and help the victim ger run away from the capture of those monsters. At the same time, players need to be familiar with all kinds of obstacles and traps in this game. Otherwise, they need to start this game all over again. The last advantage is the ancient graphics of this game. They are very classic with perfect allocation of different colors. Maybe the most successful one is the temple.

It is pictured specifically in this game. Besides, it is really very vivid. So all of the pictures in this game has some aesthetic or artistic value. Anyway, this is a really wonderful game, you should try it. It will be thrilling to play it.

The first advantage is that the game has a full 3D third person perspective. So it gives the player a visual pleasure, because other games like this just take a 2D perspective. This is one of the highlights of the game. The second advantage is that the game is rich in content. In addition to running, players can also collect gold COINS. With these COINS, they can buy relatively powerful tools to help the victims escape from the monster. At the same time, players need to familiarize themselves with the obstacles and traps in the game. And the sound and picture quality in the game is great, is a popular and classic game.

The game is rich in content. In addition to running, players can also collect gold COINS.

Full 3D third person view. So it gives the player a visual pleasure.

Old graphics for this game. They are very classic and the different colors match perfectly. Perhaps the most successful are the temples. This is especially depicted in this game.

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How to play

The game starts with the protagonist escaping from an ancient temple, pursued by a number of monsters, who need to run fast in order to escape from them.

During the course of the game, there will be a number of turns, roots, traps and obstacles that will test the player's resourcefulness and dexterity, thus requiring the player to do some turns, jumps or downward shovelling at the right time. After 2000m, the path of the wall becomes more complicated, with most sections collapsing. To pass through these sections, players can jump or run along half of the path, but the game is fast and easy to fail.

As the game progresses, the game coins will gradually increase and when you accumulate a certain amount of coins, you can buy some props and utilities. Among them are the stealth and wild running props, which can easily cross any traps and obstacles, only in stealth state, the player still needs to turn around by himself.

In addition, there are utilities such as the resurrection tool, which can be activated immediately after death, the invincible fast run of 1000m, which allows you to jump over any obstacle or trap and turn automatically, and the more powerful fast run of 2500m, which allows you to jump over any obstacle or trap and turn automatically, all of which can increase your points and speed up the game.

Temple run also features a number of game characters that can be activated by clicking on them once the player has enough coins to play the game. The current character will be displayed as 'Currently Active' and can be changed to another character by clicking on 'Active'.

There are also a number of maps in Temple run, which can be unlocked and downloaded and viewed by clicking on them when you have accumulated a certain amount of coins.

Temple run is a fun and classic runner game with lots of speed and traps and obstacles, so if you are not careful the game will Game Over, hitting obstacles will affect your speed or even get you tripped up and in danger of being caught by monsters. The game has utilities and props that will boost your ability and score points, allowing you to run like crazy.

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