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Top War: Battle Game
Top War: Battle Game
14 Mar,2023
Updated:June 19, 2021/Jun 18, 2021
Size:149M/514.3 MB
Developer: Topwar Studio
Tags: Strategy Action Android IOS

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Super casual SLG, open up world domination together!

The Army of Darkness is coming! Tyrants rule the world!

Who can save the world from war and displacement?

Join the Freedom League and become the strongest commander!

Top War is an innovative strategy game featuring merged upgrades, no more boosting long wait times, just merge two together and the upgrades will be done instantly! Recruit legendary heroes. Recruit legendary heroes. Land, sea and air armies come together!

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How to play

Synthesis Upgrade

Whether it's a building or a soldier unit, just synthesize it and upgrade it! The upgrade method is different from the previous one, which reduces a lot of waiting time and gives you the thrill of an instant increase in power!

Legendary Heroes

Become the commander of three armies and recruit legendary heroes. Sea, land and air A variety of special war heroes are waiting for you to lead!

Rich career

Do you want to become a battlefield elite or a professional player who makes all kinds of amazing weapons? There are many professions for you to choose, such as tactician, marshal, craftsman and scientist, etc. Use reasonable professions to win!

Build an Island Base

Start from a deserted island, build a base to train your army and make it more perfect with various buildings and decorations. Come and show your unique personality!

Global Battles

There are various battle modes, and you can fight for the king. The wilderness monster, warhammer robot, throne battle and cross-services battle, come here to develop alliances with players from all over the world, build territories and cultivate power to dominate the world!

Eternal Lands, Eight Kingdoms

The new version is officially opened! After a long preparation, you can finally go to the Eternal Land. The new large-scale cross-services play, eight countries players gathered here, unveil the mystery of the land of eternity.

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