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Merge Magic
Merge Magic
9 Nov,2023
Updated:August 3, 2021/August 5, 2021
Developer: Gram Games Limited
Tags: eliminate build simulate casual iOS Android merge Merge Magic fun casual boys girls entertainment strategy simple build form magic

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Merge Magic is an otherworldly adventure themed merging puzzle game. Players in the game will go to the mysterious world called Mythia to start the adventure, in breaking the magic spell while using the synthesis to open new items and unlock new surprises.

Discover the fascinating story and quests in the mysterious world of Merge Magic! Where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.

Combine eggs to hatch magical creatures, then evolve them to discover even more powerful ones! Encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels: match items to win, then take the rewards back to your garden to collect and grow.

The only hope to lift the curse of this enchanted land lies in your extraordinary ability to blend anything - eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, even mythical creatures.

Discover wonders as you fuse your garden to perfection and raise your magical creatures!

There are three main features: fusion evolution, level breaking and solving, and collection and raising. Among them, fusion evolution is the core of the game, players will create mysterious chaotic species in this mysterious world by fusing various magical beings, both legendary creatures such as fairies, unicorns and minotaurs, as well as new synthetic species such as butterfly elephants and peacock cats, with a total of over 500 exotic species waiting for players to dig; with powerful The first task after having powerful spirits is to challenge the level, rich content of hundreds of levels, set two kinds of extremely challenging puzzles for players, players need to make full use of a variety of spirits, props and even treasure fusion, in order to break through the many levels, to achieve their goals; in addition, the rich props items, a variety of mysterious hybrid creatures, will become the love of players who love collecting, through the discovery of hidden spirits In addition, a wealth of items and a variety of mysterious hybrid creatures will become the favorite of players who love collecting.

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How to play

Here, players can combine all the items to create better and stronger items for this mysterious journey by "combining" them. In the game, the only hope to break the magic spell of the magic continent is the player's extraordinary ability to merge all things, including living eggs, sacred trees, treasures, stars, magic flowers and even mysterious beings.

The gameplay is rich and fulfilling, with the core merging function offering the option to merge different kinds of spirits in addition to the basic merging of spirits of the same type, and in addition, various props are also included in the fusion system. In addition to the exclusive items harvested through specific levels, the garden system, which has elements of simulation and cultivation

The magic world requires various types of beings to crack various levels, which makes beings like summoned beasts an important object for players to cultivate. As a comprehensive game that combines a variety of gameplay, the diverse online activities, the endless fusion of various gameplay to the main line, and even the collection of some players obsessed with the function of raising, has to a certain extent taken away from the pure fun of the player, and the need to pay extra effort to pass the level.

Spawn eggs are capable of hatching magical beings who can evolve and gain new, more powerful hybrid creatures. Players will encounter and have to solve challenging puzzle levels where they have to match items to win and then bring the prizes back to the garden to collect and nurture.

Come create your perfect garden with combinations, breed awesome creatures, and feel the magic!

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