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Animal Transform:Epic Race 3D
Animal Transform:Epic Race 3D
13 May,2021
Updated:May 3, 2021
Developer: Anonymous
Tags: Casual

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Want to participate in a fun and fast transformation race? If so, we have the most awesome race for you - "Animal Transformation Race"! Come and win this super exciting race with all your might in the shape of an animal. This is definitely an adventure game worth playing! There are all kinds of obstacles on the track, and you have to keep transforming into an animal with the ability to break through them according to the obstacles waiting for you in front of you!

Not only is it a race, but the way the track is designed makes it so that you have to transform the animals to increase the speed, otherwise the animals will not be able to move fast enough.

Animal Transformation Race is an epic and fun race in which you get to race in animal form.

Not only is this a race where you have to simply run, but the course is designed in such a way that you must also transform your animals to increase speed, otherwise the animals will not be able to move fast enough.

You must have sharp concentration and focus to win the game! Thinking fast and reacting quickly to change animals is the key to winning the game! This will be the most exciting transformation game you've ever played, so come and play Animal Transformation Race! Each level will have a new set of obstacles for you to overcome, so you'll never get bored or lose your challenge!

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How to play

The following are the abilities of the animals in the race.

>Cheetah will move fast on the land.

>Elephant will destroy the obstacles between him.

>Sharks will move fast in the water.

>Monkeys can help you climb the walls.

>Eagles will fly in the air.

After completing each level, you will also find many exciting obstacles. So, keep going and beat your opponents.

Features of Animal Transformation Race - Epic Race 3D

>Complete epic race game. Perfect and amazing animations.

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