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Bridge Race
Bridge Race
13 May,2021
Updated:May 7, 2021/May 7, 2021
Size:111.15 MB/151.44MB
Tags: Casual parkour

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Bridge Race" looks like a casual game, but it has a more intense competitive game. Whether it is collecting bricks and laying bridges to compete for the chance to reach the finish line; or passively counter-attacking to cover the bridges built by enemies with the bricks they collect, these unseen confrontations are always present in the game. Moreover, with the triple level setting, players need to pass three consecutive identical levels to survive the increasingly competitive struggle in order to win the game.

And then by setting a limited bridge framework for the game to add competitive attributes, strengthening the entertainment of players in the game. After all, compared to the level-based games, the confrontation games with competitive attributes.

In order to make the game as a whole according to the real effect, the level scene with the background of the endless ocean also brings the player a more realistic entertainment experience. Although the game does not have a setting in which players can fall into the water.

Collect blocks of your own color and place them on the bridge of your choice. Don't let others build on your bridge. Hit others with fewer chips than you to drop their blocks!

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How to play

Separate collection and building. Each level map in the game is exactly the same, starting with 6-8 people in the same open field to collect bricks of the same color as their own, randomly choose a bridge frame for laying, when the player laid the bridge completely through to the next field.

During the challenge, you can build your own bridge with the help of other people's bridges, which can save a lot of planks, in the process of extending the wooden bridge, be sure to avoid organs and traps, otherwise your bridge body may be fatally injured, more to the middle position, there will be more organs, such as a large pendulum can directly crush your bridge connector, although the operation looks very simple, but the actual operation is not easy . You need your quick eyes and agile hands to avoid obstacles and overtake opponents to get more planks. You have more options on the route and direction you want to reach the finish line.

Since the number of bridge frames that can be laid is less than the number of players, players will compete for the limited number of bridge frames, and then players need to compete for the ownership of the bridge by covering the color of others. Secondly, do not be complacent even if you pass the first level first, there are three bridges waiting to be built by players in each level, so whether you are the first to break through or be the first to win, players have the hope of winning the level.

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