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Railway Empire
Railway Empire
29 Apr,2021
Updated:April 19, 2021/April 26, 2021
Developer: Kalypso Media
Tags: Manage Strategy GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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All railroad enthusiasts, train collectors and train simulators who love everything related to railroad transportation unite! It's time to get your trains on the rails and build a global railroad empire. Become a railroad tycoon and enjoy a beautiful train simulation journey full of surprises, achievements and challenging contracts.

Discover and collect hundreds of famous real-life trains. Sometimes it can get very challenging, but as a railroad tycoon seeking to build the largest railroad empire in the world, you will find a way. Develop your workstations and produce a variety of products, as some contractors may require more than just raw materials.

Upgraded trains come in handy, as upgraded train fleets are more powerful when it comes to completing contracts, and save a lot of time! Do you know the train rarity category? The rarer the train, the higher the hauling capacity, so keep that in mind. Bending rules have never been easier either.

So, are you challenged to collect the most trains, build and manage a global train empire and become the biggest railroad tycoon in the TrainStation 2 world?

Have you come across a contract that doesn't currently suit you? Stop it! You can easily swap contract requirements to get a more suitable contract.

Please note! TrainStation 2 is an online free simulation game that needs to be downloaded and played, and requires an internet connection to play.

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How to play

Featuring the most popular trains in the history of rail transportation

▶ Collect famous trains, upgrade them and use them to their full potential

▶Meet with interesting contractors and complete railroad logistics

▶ Coordinate and dispatch trains according to your own strategy

▶Enhance your capable train stations and build bigger and better railroad facilities

▶Explore new global regions as trains pass by

▶New events on TrainStation 2 Play every month

▶ Team up with fellow train fans when working on events and together

▶Compete on the leaderboard to become the biggest railroad tycoon

▶ Dispatch trains to collect resources and deliver these to you contractors to get the job done

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