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Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds 2
9 Nov,2023
Updated:November 10, 2021/November 10, 2021
Developer: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
Tags: Casual Puzzle iOS Android Fun Action Shooting Girls Boys Simple Classic Breakout Cards

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Angry Birds 2 is a global popular slingshot breakout game, the game uses a unique style of graphics, there are many cartoon birds waiting for your choice, the birds will be placed on the slingshot launch to destroy the level of pigs and pigs, using the limited number of birds all destroyed to successfully complete the level challenge.

In order to retaliate against the fat pigs who stole the bird eggs, the birds use their own bodies as weapons, using the slingshot to eject themselves and transform into cannonballs like to attack the fortress of the fat pigs, the game is full of joyful feeling, easy rhythm.

Play the world's best flying bird and piggy pouncing game!

Use the slingshot to throw birds at piggy towers and send them crashing down - all to save precious eggs.

New to the world of Angry Birds? Angry Birds 2 is the best way to get to know all the iconic characters and experience the fun game that has captured the hearts (and spare time) of millions of players.

Renovated Angry Birds veteran? Everything you love about the classic Angry Birds game is here, plus some great additions. Choose which bird to throw when, play with friends, play multi-stage levels, and compete and cooperate with players from around the world.

A game with a super magical graphic style and a variety of different birds waiting for your choice of participation.

A variety of well-designed levels full of challenges and the need to keep an eye out for bosses and pigs in the shutdown crowd.

daily challenge tasks can be completed to obtain rewards and can use fragmented time.

Upgrade the level of birds and gain points to create the ultimate flock of birds to meet the challenges of the level.

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How to play

Players can control a slingshot to launch the birds to knock down buildings and green pigs made of wood, ice and stone, etc. The angle and strength of the pop-up is controlled by your fingers, and the timing of releasing the skills is also controlled by you. Be careful to consider the strength, angle, skill release in order to more accurately smash the pig's head. The ejected bird will leave the ejection trajectory for reference angle on and strength adjustment. In addition, the fewer birds used in each level, the higher the rating will be. The goal of the game is to destroy all the pigs in each stage of the level. However, unlike the previous one, players are free to choose the order of firing the first three birds, and they are free to choose the better firing order to get high scores according to the different levels. The green piglets in the game can be killed directly by using birds or indirectly by hitting buildings to make them collapse.

The game adds card elements, birds and magic treasures are displayed on the cards, cards at the same time only show the first three cards, the rest of the more cards are covered not to show, the player can in the display of the three cards to decide the launch order of birds and magic treasures. If the energy bar is full in the level, or if the golden pig is burst in the level, you can get an extra card. Players must knock down the pigs in all stages of the level before the cards run out. If the cards run out before the level is passed, players can use the gem tokens to get new cards to continue the level, or consume energy to start over.

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