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Jelly Dye
Jelly Dye
14 May,2021
Updated:March 21, 2021/April 18, 2021
Developer: Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS
Tags: Leisure art drawing education

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Jelly Dye is a very interesting color injection challenge game, sharp game color picture, players can use the syringe injection of a variety of beautiful color game scene, and the picture is also relatively high realism, many exquisite scenes screen will slowly unlock, super fun small game, rich levels, interesting challenges will continue to unlock open.

Fill various gel-like shapes with colored dyes in the casual game Jelly Dye. Check it and copy the color shown at the top of the screen as you fill the syringe and inject the shapes with color.

Jelly Dye features 3D graphics and easy-to-use controls to make jumping levels relaxing. Simply insert the needle into the shape at the least amount of color and click the red button to inject the paint.

The alternative coloring hand game with magical color rendering power, on the one hand the jelly-like container presents a very cute visual effect to the player through realistic effects; on the other hand, after injecting different color dyes, the colors inside the container spread through water transfer-like distortion, forming a magical visual effect, as if bringing the player into a new game world.

During this process, you will select the color from the bottom of the screen to fill the syringe. The goal is to select the correct color and replicate the model as closely as possible, so be careful to fill the syringe with the correct amount of each color.

Jelly Dye will provide eye-catching graphics as you step through each level. Best of all, there's no time limit, so wait while you take your time trying to fill each gummy shape with color!

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How to play

Players take on the role of an artistic author who injects a variety of dyes into the rich and varied Jelly Dye shapes, throwing over simple mechanics and physics effects to create incredible color effects. The game is full of fantasy charm with realistic and stunning jelly effects and wonderful color effects.

 Inject the dye into the jelly. Enjoy the perfect spread and twisted curves. Simple mechanics, incredible feeling, very interesting meaningful settings, super diverse mode of play will trigger to unlock, and then easily complete the task challenge, the game is not too difficult, and there are many challenges waiting for you to try!

1、Cartoon style game screen, super delicate and exquisite picture style, giving you more enjoyment.

2, universal injection challenge, flexible operation, many levels, and there are many fun ways to play.

3, the challenge of brain power set, rich multiple choices, and there are more scenes will be unlocked

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