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Z Escape
Z Escape
6 Sep,2021
Updated:June 29, 2021/September 1, 2021
Size:111.15 MB/436.23MB
Developer: HOMA GAMES
Tags: Shooting escape survival simulation role-playing 3D IOS Android boys girls strategy RPG

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It's time to save your beloved citizens from the invaders! Will you rise to the challenge?

Z wakes up with no memory of who or what he is. z destroys the bio-pod that trapped him and notices that the room is filled with lab equipment. In this space station laboratory, he is subjected to gruesome experiments. At this point, the space station's alarms go off and he has no choice but to flee the area.

Jump behind the helicopter, destroy all enemies along the way and cover as many citizens as you can!

But you can't save everyone, so you might as well use your environment to clear the path and save them ...... Are you ready? There's only one way to find out!

Z Escape game has realistic and realistic game graphics scene setting, very simple shooting operation to come, you can bring your partner to feel more powerful killing interaction at any time, ZEscape and more novel and fun mode content is presented in front of the eyes, enjoy Z Escape multiplayer fun killing experience moment, in short, this is a surprise with a sense of Z Escape is a fun, action-packed fighting game.

Take you into this unique world to feel a different parkour challenge, you will encounter a variety of problems, and you need to quickly escape the enemy pursuit, but also need to avoid obstacles, with a unique cartoon style for you to present an interesting experience, try it now. In this game, players will control the rubber man to kill out of the siege, successfully escape, interested in this game players come to download experience!

Good luck in this life-changing action game! Remember, everyone depends on you, so don't be disappointed. Many lives are now in your hands and you are the new hero ......

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How to play

The citizens are fleeing from a huge horde of invaders and are counting on you to pick them up and escape! Cover them with a helicopter, clear the path and get them all out of the horde!

This addictive rooftop racer shooter is waiting for a new hero!

In the game, the player controls his character on the roof to escape, in the whole process of the game, the player should not fall down or be attacked by the enemy and always pay attention to their feet, the game for the player to prepare a large number of levels ready for the player's challenge, and each level has a large number of obstacles and various traps. The game players in the escape at the same time to avoid all the obstacles and traps and also to avoid the enemy attack. Players in the game to fully play their most flexible fingers to help their characters escape. In the game the player has to help his character to escape to a new city there are 10 cities in the game.

Players can enter the game to buy a number of powerful weapons, kill random enemies, in addition to players also need to slide the phone screen through the finger to control the crowd to keep moving forward, and help them to successfully reach the end of the level victory, the game's graphics are relatively fresh, the game experience is also very good. During the game, players need to shoot the red villain to help the blue villain escape, successfully complete the task of cover to pass, otherwise the game is a failure.

Seemingly ordinary action shooting, but the player always need to control the environment, with the help of gunpowder barrels, iron balls and other external objects, in the right opportunity to cause destruction to the enemy kill effect, so as to reduce the number of survivors caused by the huge number of enemies, after all, the number of survivors is limited, and when the survivors are all dead, the level will be ruled a failure.

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