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Klondike Adventures
Klondike Adventures
30 Aug,2021
Updated:August 13, 2021/August 13, 2021
Tags: Build Simulation Adventure Puzzle Mining Strategy Role-playing Exploration RPG iOS Girls Boys Android Farm Klondike Adventures

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Welcome to Klondike! Help protagonists Kate and Paul navigate tricky situations on their trip up north!

Explore the Alaskan wilderness with the brave Kate and the adventurous Paul. Build powerful and prosperous farms and cities in the wilderness. This game has it all!

Build a thriving city with factories and farms, mine resources, and craft everything you need for travel, quests, new buildings, and orders from the locals in town.

Farm in the wild! Raise animals and harvest crops, craft food for yourself and trade.

 Compete with neighboring farmers and take as many craft and farm orders as you can in limited-time events held between all players!

 Unlock challenging missions! Help explorers Kate and Paul solve mysteries and build ancient ruins in each town or village they travel to.

Play fun minigames on your farm and elsewhere!

Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and scenery of the different locations! Your northern town and every corner of the entire game world is filled with natural and historical wonders!

Meet outstanding game characters and listen to their fascinating stories as you travel from town to town!

The wilds of Alaska hide many thrilling adventures. Build the world of your dreams and enjoy your gold rush city and farm!

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How to play

Klondike Adventures, a game about gold rush adventures, transports you to Alaska during the gold rush to explore the land, experience great adventures, and build a city. Players through this game can adventure in the city to get the treasure, of course there will be difficult obstacles along the way, but you need to complete them, with the brave Kate and seasoned adventurer Paul to explore the Alaskan wilderness. Build a prosperous and powerful city in this vast, bitterly cold land!

Start tending your own farm in the middle of the wilderness! Raise animals, harvest crops, make food and clothes for yourself, and start trading with the locals.

Turn a desolate farm into a rich city! Build factories, mine resources, and build everything you need for expeditions and quests.

The city you start in is in a semi-ruinous state and lacks resources. In the beginning, you can plant beans and continue planting later when the harvest is abundant. Through farming, you can earn money to invest in buying more farm animals, as well as improve the city's facilities and factories, thus, greatly enhancing your ability to collect resources.

Gradually, your small town without any resources will become a large, rich, and prosperous city. Until then, you can organize expeditions to explore the most breathtaking corners of Alaska and find treasures in incredible places.

The game is full of hidden treasures, the mysteries of which can only be discovered through constant exploration.

Explore the wild lands with courage and create a world of Klondike adventure of your own, making it more and more prosperous.

The world of Klondike is full of exciting adventures, hidden treasures, great opportunities and difficult tasks!

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