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For reference, Angry Birds Friends game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


"Angry Birds Friends Edition" is a puzzle video game and the fourth game in the "Angry Birds" video game series. It is developed and published by Rovio Entertainment. The game was originally an exclusive game of Facebook. Angry Birds Facebook was released on February 13, 2012, and was renamed to its current name on May 23, 2012.

When confronting individual opponents head-on, seize the opportunity to participate in the "Star Cup"!

Play a classic arcade game from the Angry Birds saga and try to win in our epic Angry Birds Friends Star Cup adventure! Compete in our original slingshot challenge against other players in PvP mode! Become the best shooter in this magic world made of cute cartoon birds and other animals surrounded by an arcade fantasy environment: Shoot your target and enjoy this time killing game full of casual PvP shooting battles!

What are the odds of hitting your target when you aim at it? Destroy and burst through every level with the animal slingshot and catapult your birds to reach your limits in this epic shooting adventure of the classic saga for free!

ANGRY BIRDS FRIENDS: The Best slingshot shooting game with a PvP battle mode

– NEW PvP shooting battle tournaments starting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday! Join this cartoon adventure, compete with your friends and discover who makes the best shot!

– Play 24 NEW levels every week! Tons of events and seasons await! Aim for your target, shoot and beat your best friends and other players worldwide!

– Challenge your friends and other players around the world and win the slingshot shooting battle to advance to higher leagues!

– Special Themed Tournaments every other week for free! Our arcade fantasy shooter adventure brings the challenging classic Angry Birds saga with new seasons, cute cartoon birds and levels!

– Take hold of the top position in the leaderboard for amazing rewards in this magic shooting PvP battle! Destroy your opponents with the winning shot!

A Classic Angry Birds saga experience: ONE EPIC ANIMAL SLINGSHOT

– Challenge other Angry Birds players or compete with your friends in a relaxing and casual PvP shooting battle!

– Free Power Ups, Level Effects and Special Catapult Slingshots on every level.

– Collect magic animal feathers to level up your Birds and gain more scoring power for your shots!

– Winning streaks! Win multiple PvP battle matches in a row to increase your rewards.

Compete with your friends in this epic shooting challenge and climb in the leaderboard winning every PvP battle to become the BEST Angry Birds player in this magic arcade world! Get ready for this fantasy shooter adventure: Aim for your target and make your best shot in this time killing game!

Angry Birds Friends is easy and completely and free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

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How to play

Slingshot the birds from the slingshot

  The angle and strength of the bird is controlled by your finger - the direction and strength can be controlled by holding the mouse over the bird; be careful to calculate the strength and angle together so that you can hit the fat pig more accurately. The ejected bird will leave a trajectory which can be used as a reference for angle and force adjustment.

  The final objective - to smash the green pig's head, and to smash all of them to pass the level.

  Note that the fewer birds used in each level, the higher the rating and the more points you will receive; and the further you go in the levels, the fewer and smaller the birds available and the more complex the obstacles to protect the pig's head.

  So here are the roles of each bird in the game.

  Firstly the first is the red bird shown below, this angry bird is brave, but the most common and only requires you to fire your slingshot to hit the target! This little bird is good for attacking the timber structures in the piggy bank!

  Then the second type of angry bird is the little green bird, this bird is smaller than the others but it has the power to split! Tap the screen when it is launched into mid-air and one bird will split into three and rush towards the piggy bank! You have to control the timing of the split, as splitting at the right time can have a very good attack effect!

  This Angry Bird is best suited to attacking the glass structure of the Pig Fort!

  The third Angry Bird is the yellow triangular bird, which also has extraordinary skills! When it is launched into mid-air, touch the screen and the bird will accelerate twice and rush towards the piggy bank at high speed, multiplying its power! Of course, the position of the acceleration is also very critical, otherwise it will easily fly over the pig fort!

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