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RAID: Shadow Legends
RAID: Shadow Legends
14 Mar,2023
Updated:May 13, 2021/May 13, 2021
Size:150M/255.4 MB
Developer: Plarium Global Ltd
Tags: RPG Android IOS Combat Action

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Raid: Shadow Legends) is a freemium role-playing mobile game developed and published by Plarium Games.

Battle alongside hundreds of champions from 14 playable factions in a visually stunning and realistic fantasy RPG.

To save the world of Teleria, you will recruit the most legendary warriors from the forces of light and darkness. You must train them to fight together, mold them into living weapons, and assemble the greatest raiding party of all time.

Download now and join the fight!

⋇ Features⋇

Deep Tactical Gameplay

Make tough decisions and equip champions with powerful artifacts to help them complete their missions. Line them up at the front of the line as you lead them through RPG battles to unleash devastating special skills, epic AOE attacks, healing abilities, and more.

Fight together

Join thousands of fellow players in cooperative guild challenges as you slay demons for epic loot, rare champions, and more.

Massive PVE

Story campaign Experience epic dark fantasy through 12 spectacular locations spread throughout the voice campaign.

Battle epic bosses and defeat

dozens of challenging bosses , for loot, XP and special champion drops! Slash down dreadful dragons, necromancers, demonic statues and other dropped beasts - then defeat them again for even more powerful gear.

PVP Arena

Two teams come in - one team comes out. Fight side-by-side with other players to unlock special gear and climb the ranks in fierce arena battles.

Unparalleled RPG customization

Choose from a variety of techniques and artifacts to develop a path that offers millions of possible builds for your fighters. Just like in the best old-school RPGs, you have full control over every attribute, strength and weakness of your champion.

Collect powerful champions

Collect hundreds of heroes from 13 factions. Assemble balanced teams of wizards, skinwalkers, undead, knights, elves, and more to defeat your enemies - then recruit them to your side!


Raid is a console RPG-like mobile experience. Beautifully, fully rendered 3D heroes offer stunning detail, right down to the cracks in the armor.

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How to play

Raid: Legends of Shadow is a fantasy-style turn-based role-playing game that is free-to-play, with the ability to pay extra to access its resources. The game takes place in the fictional continent of Teleria. When the continent is conquered by Teleria, the Dark Lord, players take on the role of an ancient Telerian warrior who is resurrected to defeat the demon king and restore peace and harmony to the territory. Players must assemble a war party and fight in places such as castles, dungeons, deserts, and shrines defended by enemies and allies. [3] During the course of the game, players accumulate "Shards" (Shards), which contain the souls of past warriors. There are four types of Shards, with different properties. The game has two forms of currency: Silver, which is easy to obtain, and Gems, which is relatively difficult to obtain. It is necessary to pay "Energy" before entering a level of battle, and if you run out of energy you cannot continue to enter the level.

The game consists mainly of single-player battles with a storyline, each with twelve levels, each consisting of seven stages, and three levels of difficulty [3]. The game also has an "Arena" mode, in which the winner of a battle determines the player's ranking. Players can also join a "Guild" (Clans) to fight with its members and get rich rewards.

The game's plot is written by Paul C.R. Monk (Paul C.R. Monk). Raid: Legends of Shadow" is a western art style, inspired by dark fantasy, with realistic and realistic characters.

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