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Ninja Must Die
Ninja Must Die
14 Mar,2023
Updated:December 16, 2022/December 17, 2022
Developer: Pandada Games Limited
Tags: role-playing iOS Android boys girls action parkour ninja fun simple

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In this Ninja Must Die game feel the thrill of killing, you need to kill all those samurai, to create the era that should belong to the ninja, ninja and samurai endless fighting, only to bring more pain to the country, and in this game you will come to stop them, without a good leader will only let the ninja to the end, so in the game you need to use your through the battle to So in the game you need to use your through the battle to compete.

 This Ninja Must Die game combines action parkour ninja combat, the game's characters have handsome character skills and intense combat effects, in the game's art to ink style for the player to show looks this game is very novel.

This ink painting style compared to the 3D realistic class of games is relatively coincidental, that is, to create a fierce game atmosphere and create a small fresh game style.

The game's original character is a mysterious ninja whose face is not clear, but after the game's update there are many other ninja characters, or by upgrading your ninja you can give them a new look. Through these want to let many players to explore, the beginning of the game will be similar to a plot introduction, and in playing this game you can always feel a visual experience about the samurai battle, the game's combat action is very easy to control, the game to parkour type plus the characteristics of the battle to enrich the game play fun. And there are many main tasks to complete in the game, now enter Ninja Must Die game to feel the intense battle brought to you by the ninja.

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How to play

Ninja Must Die game is very interesting and friendly to new players, the beginning of the game will give each player a guide to play, teaching players how to play, and the game requires you to reach the game's specified goal in each level to pass, and the simple gameplay is that you need to control your character by tapping your finger on the screen, you need to practice jumping to avoid some obstacles or Through the gap in the road, and also need to practice walking on the rope as well as up and down, testing your reflexes, in the rope part of the area there will be flying bats to you, you need to go up and down to avoid them, of course there are many ways to avoid, such as jumping, of course you need to use the most advantageous way to dodge, or you will be hurt.

 When you are parkour and defeat your enemies you can get part of the gold, and this gold in the game has to upgrade weapons and ninja upgrade of the basic currency, the game play also contains a combat part, you need to defeat all the enemies in the game, ninja road is a road of Shura, when you learn in front of the jumping and up and down skills next you need to learn on the ground diving skills, this time you need to click the down button to dive. This time you need to click the down button to dive, and in the process of diving will also get a short acceleration effect, you can use this technique to chase those treasure thieves, because they escape very fast, so this technique is the best choice, and you can also use this technique to avoid the traps, because diving can also reduce your own height.

 In the next game you also need to learn how to use weapons, because the most important combat partner of each ninja is their weapons, you can use weapons to destroy the game blocking your spiders and other opponents, but your weapons will have a skill cooldown, when you meet your opponent you can click on the weapon skill line into the sword to attack, now enter this Ninja Must Die game! Now enter this Ninja Must Die game for a samurai versus ninja battle.

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