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Age of Apes
Age of Apes
8 Apr,2024
Updated:March 16, 2024/March 14, 2024
Tags: Casual Puzzle Role Playing Strategy Action Fun iOS Android Boys Girls

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When we first came across the game Age of Apes, we were fascinated by its unique game setting and gameplay. As a player who loves strategy games, we expected to fall into that familiar 4x4 marching mode again, but this game brought us a brand new experience.

Instead of simply adopting the common strategy game model, Age of Apes has drastically simplified the strategy elements and incorporated lightweight gameplay such as casual, puzzle and placement. This design makes it easy to enjoy the game even in our busy lives. This game is set in an ape society. In this game, you can build your own city, recruit ape warriors, develop technology, and even start battles with other players. The world of the game is full of opportunities and challenges and has a lot of interesting content waiting to be explored.

The core experience in the game is the strategic tower defense gameplay. We need to build up a defense line on the map to defend against the constant onslaught of enemy troops. This gameplay not only tests my strategic vision, but also requires us to quickly respond to unexpected situations. Every time we successfully defend against enemy attacks, we can feel a full sense of accomplishment. The graphics of Age of Apes are very beautiful, the scene design is meticulous, and every corner is full of vitality. The sound effects in the game are also very good, realistic sound effects make me feel like I am in the world of apes.

In addition to tower defense gameplay, the game also added the placement mining elements. We can send heroes and soldiers to dig up resources, which can be used to upgrade my defense facilities and enhance combat power. This kind of gameplay makes us feel the fun of management in the game, and also makes us cherish the victory of every battle more.

In Age of Apes, the concept of heroes and soldiers is well preserved. Our heroes can not only lead soldiers to battle the wild monsters on the map, but also play a great role in the tower defense gameplay. This dual role design allows everyone to get to know our heroes more deeply, and also allows us to experience more character immersion in the game.

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How to play

Here we will be as the ape explorer - Age of Apes! In this game, we will be disguised as an ape leader and lead our ape tribe to build a powerful empire. We will play as an ape leader who needs to develop his territory through resource gathering, city building and war. There are many different ways to play and challenges in the game.

The first is resource gathering. In Age of Apes, resources are the foundation for building and development. We need to send our Age of Apes members to gather various resources such as wood, stone, food, etc. to ensure that our city can continue to grow. However, gathering resources is not a simple task, and we must be careful to avoid other players or wild animals in the game to avoid suffering losses. By accumulating resources, I was able to improve my strength and prepare myself for the challenges ahead.

Secondly the game also has an element of city building. We can expand our city by constructing various buildings. For example, I can build carpentry workshops to process wood, stone quarries to mine stone, and farmland to grow food. As my city grows, I can also build walls to protect my city, training camps to train stronger Ape soldiers, and even institutes to develop new technologies.

In Age of Apes, we can form alliances with other players to fight against other players or hostile forces in the game. We can also send our troops to attack other players' cities and seize their resources and territories, or participate in alliance wars to capture enemy strongholds with other alliances. In a war, we need to formulate a reasonable strategy and choose the right troops to ensure our victory.

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