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Om Nom Run
Om Nom Run
13 Sep,2023
Updated:May 5, 2021/Apr 17, 2021
Size:96M/217.5 MB
Developer: ZeptoLab
Tags: Action Parkour GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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Get ready to embark on an exciting and sugary adventure with Om Nom in "Om Nom Run." Developed by ZeptoLab, the creators of the beloved "Cut the Rope" franchise, this mobile game introduces players to the charming and ever-hungry character, Om Nom, in an entirely new and exhilarating way.

For those who aren't already familiar, Om Nom is a lovable green monster with a sweet tooth. He first captured the hearts of players around the world in the "Cut the Rope" series, where the objective was to feed him candy by solving intricate puzzles. Now, Om Nom is back and ready for a new adventure in "Om Nom Run."

"Om Nom Run" takes the classic endless runner genre and infuses it with the charm and personality of Om Nom. In this game, players help Om Nom sprint through a candy-filled world while collecting delicious treats and dodging obstacles. The goal is to run as far as possible, all while enjoying the colorful and whimsical environments that ZeptoLab has crafted.

Om Nom Run" offers an endless running experience, meaning players can keep running, jumping, and sliding for as long as their skills allow. This makes it perfect for quick gaming sessions or extended play.

As Om Nom dashes through the candy world, players can collect power-ups and gadgets to enhance his abilities. These power-ups add an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the gameplay.

Just like in "Cut the Rope," players can customize Om Nom with a variety of outfits and accessories. Make Om Nom truly your own by dressing him up in style. "Om Nom Run" features the same adorable art style and whimsical world design that fans have come to love. Explore vibrant, candy-themed landscapes and meet quirky characters along the way.

To keep players engaged and entertained, the game introduces various obstacles and challenges, including jumping over gaps, sliding under barriers, and avoiding candy-spitting plants.Connect the game to your social media accounts to compete with friends and see who can run the farthest and collect the most candies. Friendly competition adds an extra layer of fun.

"Om Nom Run" brings the iconic character Om Nom back to the gaming world in a fresh and exciting way. With its simple controls, endless running fun, power-ups, customization options, and charming candy-themed world, the game offers an irresistible experience for players of all ages. Whether you're a longtime fan of Om Nom or a newcomer to the franchise, "Om Nom Run" promises a delightful adventure filled with candy, challenges, and endless smiles. So, get ready to join Om Nom on his sweet journey and see how far you can run in this delightful mobile game!

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How to play

Om Nom, the candy-loving character from the "Cut the Rope" franchise, is back in action in "Om Nom Run." Developed by ZeptoLab, this mobile game combines the endless runner genre with the charm and whimsy of Om Nom's world. 

The main goal in "Om Nom Run" is to guide Om Nom through various candy-filled landscapes while collecting candies and avoiding obstacles. Your aim is to run as far as you can to achieve high scores.

The game features simple and intuitive controls:

Swipe left: Move Om Nom to the left.

Swipe right: Move Om Nom to the right.

Swipe up: Make Om Nom jump.

Swipe down: Make Om Nom slide under obstacles.

Running Mechanism: Om Nom runs automatically, and you control his movements by swiping in the desired direction or performing actions like jumping and sliding.

Throughout the game, you'll encounter colorful candies strewn along the path. Collect as many candies as possible to increase your score. These candies are not only sweet but also crucial for unlocking power-ups and customizing Om Nom.

As Om Nom dashes through the candy world, you can collect power-ups and gadgets to enhance his abilities. These power-ups can help you avoid obstacles, increase your speed, and collect more candies. Pay attention to power-up icons on the path and pick them up when you can.

Om Nom's path is filled with various obstacles, including pits, barriers, and candy-spitting plants. To survive and maximize your score, you must time your jumps and slides to clear these obstacles.

The game allows you to customize Om Nom with a variety of outfits and accessories. Collecting candies and completing missions will earn you rewards that can be used to personalize Om Nom's appearance.

Timing is crucial in "Om Nom Run." Perfecting your jumps and slides will help you avoid obstacles and collect more candies.

Some levels offer multiple paths and shortcuts. Experiment with different routes to find the fastest way to the finish line.

"Om Nom Run" offers a delightful and challenging gaming experience in Om Nom's candy-filled world. By mastering the controls, perfecting your timing, and utilizing power-ups strategically, you can run farther, collect more candies, and achieve high scores. So, put on your running shoes and embark on this sweet adventure with Om Nom, the lovable candy connoisseur!

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