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Adventure Beaks
Adventure Beaks
27 Sep,2021
Updated:August 14, 2021/July 26, 2020
Developer: GameResort
Tags: parkour adventure simulation iOS Android fun breakout boys girls cartoon adventure

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Start your quest with Adventure Beaks, the only platform game that lets you form an expedition of elite penguin adventurers!

Adventure Beaks is a game in which you control a group of penguins who join an ancient adventure that takes them through a variety of scenarios, from ice and snow to jungle and even under the sea.

You can customize more than 200 penguins by combining different items. You can use a variety of hats, jackets, wigs and other items

The game contains 50 different levels and you can complete 150 branching tasks. The normal levels are not easy enough to deal with, but the branching missions are where your skills are really tested.

Adventure Beaks is such a sophisticated platformer, which contains a little bit of puzzle solving, in addition to the sophisticated graphics, while providing you with a control system that blends perfectly with your touch screen device.

Explore ancient ruins and exotic lands on a journey to discover the secrets of artifacts!

The game is a very interesting and exciting adventure game, leaving us with little time for the baby penguins, we need to help them find a safe area faster, and to ensure that all the penguins are transferred, a new adventure game, so you have a whole unprecedented experience, cute and interesting appearance design, Q Meng penguin image will definitely let you shine. Only when you jump to the designated location is the challenge complete, which is a test of the player's reaction speed. In the upper right corner of the screen there will be shoes and penguin icons, respectively, representing the number of props picked up and passed. Through this you can clearly know whether you have a successful challenge, repeated practice can make you more skilled.

The game screen cartoon exquisite, music is easy and cheerful, easy to operate, rich game content will let players experience the exciting fun endless adventure experience. Look at the lovely penguins defy the wind and frost, running in the severe ice and snow, flashing a lot of obstacles to rescue the little penguins, enjoy the fresh and delicious fish. Cute fun style, a variety of interesting special skills, thaw new penguins, choose your favorite character.

Suitable for killing time, and exercise your brain power, find more magical scenes to harvest endless fun.

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How to play

With touch controls, run, jump, swipe and dive through tricky traps, enemy treasure troves and giant mazes, all with simple, responsive touch controls! Upward swipe to jump, twice in a row is a two-step jump, downward swipe to hold the screen to make the nerdy penguin belly glide close to the ice surface, through the narrow ice channel, and downward swipe in the process of jumping is a rapid fall, can use this mechanism can be clever to avoid the immediate obstacles or step on the enemy.

In addition to collecting as many gold coins as possible in the level, we also pay attention to collect the scattered rune pieces everywhere, to put together a complete magic cube, to unlock the adventure of the journey must go through the special level. If you collect the five letters of BONUS in the level, you can also participate in the lucky draw at the end of the level to win gold coins or costumes.

With the coins collected, we can buy handsome costumes or weird skins to dress up the little penguins from head to toe and customize the penguin army.

The interface is very clear, so you can see all the traps in detail; sometimes don't underestimate the levels, sometimes these levels can bring you a different experience.

All the props are needed at some crucial time to help you successfully dodge more dangers; players who like puzzles can try them out, and they will never let you down, together with their friends to break through the adventure.

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