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Thief Puzzle: to pass a level
Thief Puzzle: to pass a level
9 Nov,2023
Updated:October 22, 2021/September 30, 2021
Developer: Mai Chan
Tags: Casual puzzle simulation role-playing fun funny iOS Android easy simple boys girls

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Thief Puzzle, as the name suggests, is a cool puzzle game where we have to help thieves steal an item in each level. It may seem easy, but we must use trickery, logic, creativity and precision to solve each puzzle.

Use your brain and have fun stealing the items and treasures you want. Every time you pass a level, a smile will appear on the corner of your mouth. Each level is a different puzzle and your task is to get the items you want to steal.

The difficulty level of the game increases with each step and slightly increases your challenge. But this doesn't bother you, all puzzles are solved in seconds and you don't even need to think. For example, in the early stages, you just need to reach out and steal a bag, a fruit basket, a suitcase, a gold bag, a ring, etc. However, you must steal things like gold crowns, pearls, treasures, etc. while protected.

A variety of puzzles and difficult tests will challenge your mind.

Train your logic, memory, intelligence, problem-solving skills and creativity.

The game's graphics feature a classic matchmaker look, with all elements in a very simple flat style, and each scene is set in a realistic and fun base look, through a comic book style where you need to observe each scene and then slide your finger on the screen to move your thief's arm.

In some levels of the game, you need to use some of the items you see to get your arm to reach the item you want to steal. If you do not want other characters to notice your theft, you also need to carefully consider their actions. For example, the seats, handles and windows on the bus, the bathroom spacing with the toilet, etc. Seemingly simple elements, in a simple but realistic modeling set off, the player has a strong sense of immersion. The addition of black humor element brings additional fun to the player.

Think you're smart enough to solve all these tricky puzzles?

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How to play

Thief Puzzle is a puzzle game that gives you a continuous task. In each puzzle, you will be presented with an element that you need to steal. To do this, you simply mark the track that you want your thief's arm to follow. Make sure you don't get caught!

Players take control of a Matchstick Man-shaped thief, with arms as long as rubber fruits, to successfully steal from various angles. Classic gameplay, clever themes, a variety of levels, cute shape, bring you a good time.

The game is played in an interactive way, the character's infinitely extended arm is the only tool to solve the puzzle, the player needs to guide the arm through various obstacles, to get the relevant props in the level to pass the level. Each level will appear in the player role, the target role, obstacles and target props four attributes of the image, the player needs to consider how to use the obstacles to extend the safe route, so as to successfully steal the target props, to complete the current level of the goal.

Thief Puzzle provides dozens of puzzles that allow you to try to steal a given item and not get caught. You'll need to skillfully move the thief's nimble arms to grab the item in the midst of strange situations. However, if you get stuck on a puzzle, the game will give you a little hint to help you.

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