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Heroes Inc
Heroes Inc
17 May,2021
Updated:May 5, 2021/May 5, 2021
Size:76.55MB/405.94 MB
Developer: Lion Studios LLC
Tags: Puzzle Casual

For reference, Heroes Inc game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


Heroes Inc! is a casual puzzle simulation game in which you need to perform dark experiments in the hero synthesis lab, fusing various powerful superpowers together to evolve an invincible superhero.

Create the greatest heroes in history and save the world! Create a new superpower and build an alliance of heroes to face the attacking forces of evil robots. The battles will be epic, the enemies will be endless, and your heroes will be the greatest in the world!

A group of alien robots has attacked the Earth and the people need your help! The invaders are numerous, they destroy buildings with powerful combat machines and wield a lot of laser weapons. The humans unleashed on this world have no chance to resist this evil ...... Can you save them from this doom?

Build your laboratory, conduct experiments and create new powers! Unlock advanced technologies and develop new abilities for fighting evil. There are hundreds of discovered powers, will you collect them?

Even the most powerful superheroes can be overwhelmed, manipulated and defeated ...... You must train your heroes and teach them to use new powers! Unleash their unique skills and watch them destroy their enemies!

In this fun simulation game, you'll find a wide variety of superpowers, fuse them together, and instantly evolve into superheroes even if you're an ordinary person with no powers at all! Download the game now and start your forbidden experiments!

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How to play

Classic 3D magic mini-game, easy to play and relax yourself.

Novel game theme, super power synthesis can make you feel new.

Turn ordinary people into all kinds of superheroes, you are the father of Superman.

Build your laboratory, unlock advanced technologies and develop new abilities that can be used to fight evil!

Hundreds of abilities to discover and create the strongest heroes ever to take on the evil alien forces!

With a wide variety of enemies and leaders waiting to challenge you, your hero is invincible!

Create superheroes, hundreds of heroes to discover! Fight with your new heroes and unleash their power on the battlefield! Slay enemy leaders and battle it out in epic boss battles!

There are hundreds of crafting superheroes for you to discover! Fight like a new hero and unleash their power on the battlefield. Enemies come in many forms, can you defeat their armies?

Destroy the enemy leadership - put them to an end in epic boss battles!

Collect new elements to unlock new superpowers.

Build the best hero lab in the world - build the greatest hero league ever!

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