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Tangle Master 3D
Tangle Master 3D
9 Nov,2023
Updated:April 30, 2021/May 7, 2021
Developer: Zynga Inc.
Tags: Puzzle Leisure

For reference, Tangle Master 3D game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


Do you like quiz games and riddles? This is the best 3D quiz game ever! Join the 100 million+ players who have mastered tangles and knots!

Tangle Master 3 is a fun puzzle game that lets you untangle all the knots in each level. Like a color puzzle, you'll need to sort and match the colors of the ropes and pins. There are plenty of boosters to help you if you get stuck, and you can cut the rope or make the lock explode. Two ropes is a piece of cake! Tease your brain, relax and have fun playing.

This is a challenging but very fun brain puzzle with easy to use controls. Just sort the ropes in the right order and then untangle them on time! Remember, you also have limited moves to complete the finish level, so focus on matching colors, sorting the ropes and unraveling them.

The screen is very realistic and beautiful, gradient color background, beautiful and soft, even if long time to look at will not be too much eye fatigue, to give people a high-end visual experience; scene in the shape, using a realistic 3D three-dimensional shape, not only for each knot to give a different material, but also extremely detailed for each rope to create the corresponding shadow effect, in the process of moving the rope, but also present a realistic physical effect.

Tangle Master 3D is a casual game with many levels, each requiring the player to untie the knots in the rope. Your task is to tap on the rope and untie the knots on it. As you keep playing, the levels become harder and harder to untie the knots.

Tangle Master 3D presents all the ropes in 3D to make it easier for you to untie the knots. But the first step is to look at the base of each rope. This is a very important step, because each base can only support one rope at a time.

Tangle Master 3D is a surprisingly simple experience that will challenge you to untie a series of knots. Tangles are also used very loosely here, as many of the ropes are actually not tangled at all.

Four ropes make your fun "quadruple"! Wow, you're a genius!

Are you ready for the mastery challenge? Come and enjoy this puzzle game! Hundreds of unique levels, custom features and special weekend tournaments!

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How to play

Manage to untie the tangles, or at least the cords, and then you can move on to the next level and shuffle a bunch of coins for your troubles, which you can spend on buying new cosmetics. These include new rope, peg and rod designs.

The gameplay is both simple and fun, so you can play some quick rounds anytime, anywhere. You simply tap on the rope to move it to another base, thus untying the knots one by one.

First of all, the player can move only the part of the rope located at the bottom of the five pillars, in order to be able to untangle all the ropes from each other, the player needs to move through each other, gradually untangle all the ropes from each other, to restore the independent state of each rope. Compared with some brain games, this kind of rope game is less difficult, and players can also enjoy the fun of unlocking the level more freely.

You need to unlock the rope entangled in the same stage, although the game way pure, but the reality of walking up is very difficult, you need to look at each rope against the gem port will unlock them one by one, spell your eyesight and brain power! Interested partners quickly click to install it.

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