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For reference, Subway Surfers game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


Subway Surfers is an interesting game to play. In this game, players need to run as fast as they can. Besides, they need to collect the golden coins on their way. Generally speaking, the whole game graphics is very soft, which is good to players' eyesight. Except for running, players can build a fabulous train with their friends. This game is very popular among both adults and children for three reasons. The first reason is that the characters in this game are very cute.

They are a group of lovely boys. Besides, there are a lot of wonderful props, including hover board, super sneaker, and magnet. The second reason is that there are daily challenges available to players. In this way, players can get relative amount of golden coins to upgrade their prop or to buy new characters. The last reason is that this game supports multiple players to play this game at the same time. In this way, players can invite their friends to play this game.

Anyway, this game is very innovative no matter in terms of props, characters or game modes. So you should not miss it. New power-ups will also be added into this game. So what are you waiting for? Just show yourself!

Some players think that this game has smooth operation, bright colors and high playability. However, some gamers think that this game is not as fun as the candy explosion.

Metacritic scored subway parkour with a score of 71 points (out of 100), and its members rated this game with a score of 5.9 points (out of 10).

In addition,'s member rating Metro Parkour has a score of 7 (out of 10 points), and believes that Metro Parkour is not an escape from a plagiarism temple. The subway surfing enthusiast site pointed out that subway parkour is very attractive and interesting, and the game allows players to interact with Facebook friends.

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How to play

Sprint as hard as you can! Dodge the oncoming train! Help Jake, Tricky and Fresh avoid being chased by grumpy police and his dog. build the train with calm and steady teammates! decorate the train and paint vivid and interesting hd images! hoverboard surfing! decorate the jetpack that has started! lightning fast smash stunt! challenge and help your teammates!

In the subway parkour, the player will evade police and hunting dogs as a child Jake, shuttle through three railroad tracks, and a train will be oncoming. Players must obtain as many gold coins as possible while avoiding obstacles and police. After the user obtains a certain amount of gold coins, they can purchase props and characters.

This game cannot be played online. However, players can share the highest scores with friends on the social networking site Facebook, and they will see a list of results.


There are magnets, jetpacks, double scores, sports shoes, skateboards and other props in subway parkour. The skateboard needs to be activated by double-clicking on the screen. Different styles can be purchased in the store. A single increase of gold coin multiple and distance acceleration is a single use. Treasure chests can be obtained in the game or purchased in the store. The remaining items need to be obtained during the game and can be upgraded in the in-game store to extend the validity period.

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