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Epic Games, Inc. is also known as Epic, its predecessor is Epic MegaGames, is an American video game and software development company located in Cary, North Carolina. The most famous technology is the Unreal Engine used in its own "Unreal Series" games, and with the help of this engine, games such as the "Gears of War" series, "Endless Sword" and "Fortress Night" have been developed.

"Fortnite Mobile Edition" is a pure sandbox adventure mobile game, the game integrates combat, survival, shooting, driving and other elements, allowing you to enjoy a smooth combat experience. The Chinese version is a Chinese version prepared for Chinese players. The Chinese name is Fortress Night. The game adds a hundred people eating chicken gameplay, a large 3D scene map, free shrinking of the same proportion, and a small map mode. The same map, the same content, the same weekly update, and supports cross-platform online. The battle is about to start, come here to join the battlefield!

The game is divided into two parts: day and night. During the day, players need to cooperate to find materials and use materials to build fortifications. When night comes, they will retreat to the fortress to resist waves of monsters until the sun rises.

In order to prevent monsters from doing evil in the player’s city or in the city, players must master the in-game building skills; collect more high-quality building materials from all over the world; and constantly optimize their fortresses. Players have a lot of options to change their buildings, add doorways, fences, sniper stations, etc.

There are four professions in the game, namely, architect, ninja, special soldier and scavenger. Each profession has its own special skills. In addition, the game also supports cooperation mode.