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Island King
Island King
12 Dec,2022
Updated:August 30, 2021/August 31, 2021
Size:103.81 MB/300.64MB
Tags: Casual Simulation Role-playing iOS Android Girls Boys Fun Challenge Build Battle

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Island King is a casual game in which Luna and her friends Hammy and Snowbo grow up in the forest and live a happy life with her dad. One day, a dragon took her father away and Luna was so heartbroken that she decided to set out on the road to find him.

But the dragon cave is somewhere in the ocean, and the only way to get there is through one island after another. Can you help them overcome the difficulties of their journey and find their dad?

Attack, spin and steal your way from island to island, traverse tons of unique villages to earn gold and help Luna and her friends find her missing father.

Do you have the guts to defeat pirate attacks, master island challenges, or steal gold from the greatest cash kings of all? Play any role you like as the Island King. Become the master of gold in charge of trillions of gold coins and dominate the world! Or become a fierce pirate king who crushes and raids neighboring islands! Develop your own master plan to earn bonus spins and steal other players' accumulated bonuses.

Work with your closest family and friends to build your island village into a Viking colony, an Indian palace, a mystical temple, and many more unique destinations inspired by the world. Loot gold from anyone and everyone, even friends! Love board games like Monopoly, Bingo, or Solitaire, but want to play online with family and friends, try Island King today!

Collect cards and swap them with your family and friends to complete the puzzle set and you can win tons of coins for free! Complete the construction of the island and unlock the next set of cards.

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How to play

Island King is a casual game, this time your mission is to help a little girl in the tribe to save her family who has been kidnapped by one of the surrounding tribes.

The gameplay of Island King is simple. To earn money for the rescue, get defensive weapons and the materials needed to rebuild the house, you must spin a wheel. This reel will also determine how your next move will be made. If you're lucky, you may get gold, or you may have to complete an attack mission to threaten the tribe next to you. Sometimes you may also need to guess which of the surrounding islands has treasure, which island is hiding your family, and so on. You must look carefully at the differences between the islands and pick the right one. Otherwise, it will mean a failed investment.

Spin the magic wheel to earn riches, attack, raid or steal gold coins. Protect your island and coins from attacks by other players. Build your island with coins and move up to unlock new destination islands. Become the island king with the best islands and a master coin collector!

Spin the reels and get free spins by completing fun puzzles and challenges!

The dynamic and original gameplay with beautifully designed and interesting characters creates an incredible gameplay. It gives you the opportunity to explore the surrounding islands, upgrade your home and complete a variety of different tasks according to the instructions of the reels.

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