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Hero Wars - Fantasy World
Hero Wars - Fantasy World
12 May,2021
Updated:May 5, 2021/May 6, 2021
Size:56MB/289.9 MB
Developer: Nexters Global LTD
Tags: combat rpg android ios

For reference, Hero Wars - Fantasy World game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


Hundreds of years ago, in the vast lands of Dominion, there was a thriving and vibrant scene everywhere.

But then came the forces of evil, led by the Great Evil, bent on conquering this perfect world. His army is exceptionally powerful and cruel. Someone must stand up and stop this chaos and become the guardian of Dominion.

Assemble your league of heroes, train and upgrade them to be invincible! Now, your mission is to reclaim the encroached lands from the evil forces of the Great Evil. Rely on a loyal army and you will win and bring peace back to Dominion!


Dozens of heroes with unique skills

Train your heroes and unveil their new skills

 Take part in epic battles and adventures

 Fight the leaders and capture their battle power

 Participate in events to earn rewards or rare items

Fight against other players in arenas and grand arenas!

 Find allies and join a guild, or create your own and lead it to victory!

Come prove your ability, win the championship, and play with us! Hero Wars: One of the best mmorpg games of the year. You can also play this game on your cell phone.

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How to play

Master attribute system:

The game has 3 main attributes,

1 point of agility = 1 armor, 2 physical attack / +1 physical attack if this is the hero's main attribute

1 point of intelligence = 3 magic attack, 1 magic defense / additional +1 physical attack if this is the hero's main attribute

1 point of strength = 40 blood / +1 physical attack if this is the hero's primary attribute

Secondary Attributes:

Armor: counteracts enemy physical attacks, 1000 armor counteracts 25% physical damage, 3000 armor counteracts 50% physical damage, tank priority attribute

Magic Defence: Counteracts enemy magic attacks, 1000 magic defence counteracts 25% magic damage, 3000 magic defence counteracts 50% magic damage.

Armor Penetration Armor Penetration: Reduces enemy armor, a priority attribute for DPS fighters.

Magic Penetration: Reduces the enemy's magic defense.

Health Blood: Priority attribute for healers, except Nebula Nebula.

Critical hit chance: Provides a 50% chance to hit if the same value as the enemy's main attribute.

Dodge: 50% chance to dodge physical attacks if same as enemy's primary attribute

Vampirism blood draw: restores blood based on the damage dealt.

Hero's order of points:

(runes, crafting items for airships, etc.)

Output (Mage, Warrior): Armor Penetration/Magic Penetration → Physical/Magic Attack → Primary Attribute → Armor

Tank: Armor → Blood → Primary Attribute → Material/Magic Attack → Penetration

Support / Healer: Blood → Primary Attribute → Armor → Physical/Magical Attack Attack

Except for the Nebula Nebula, which needs to be added like this: Attack → Primary Attribute → Blood → Armor

Airship system.

Crafted items are one of the most valuable resources in the game, so please think twice before using them.

If you want to play the game seriously for a long time, it is recommended to buy Valkyrie's Grace as soon as this system is unlocked.

Prioritize the heroes in your final lineup (pure physical or magic attack lineup) with team buffs to upgrade to 3 stars to get 100% chance of activating buffs

For crafted weapons

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