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Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense
Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense
29 Sep,2021
Updated:September 7, 2021/August 9, 2021
Developer: Ironhide S.A.
Tags: tower defense strategy simulation role-playing fun iOS Android adventure girls boys defense

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Kingdom Rush is a real-time tower defense game environment set in a medieval fantasy setting. Get in on the action with the best tower defense game ever!

The kingdom is under threat and players will use their armies, wizards and warriors to fend off hordes of crocodiles, giant demons, goblins and other pesky demons.

Battle scenarios include forests, icebergs and wastelands, join the game to upgrade your towers to strengthen your power.

Use your strategy to defend the kingdom and crush the forces of evil with a plethora of towers and spells at your command! Command the mightiest heroes and lead the most powerful armies to victory in Linirea in this unique TD game that will keep you hooked for hours!

Battle through forests, mountains and wastelands with different tower tests and specialize in customizing your defense strategy! Pour fire on your enemies, call in reinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters to save the kingdom from the forces of darkness!

Use these amazing towers and upgrades to develop

Your Strategy: - Plan your strategy! Choose from very different tower styles.

Use the 18 unique tower abilities to maximize the power of your army.

Lead and conquer kingdoms

12 powerful heroes will help you lead your troops to victory!

Command your army into action and watch them engage in meaty cartoon battles!

Over 50 unique enemies, from goblins to demons, each with their own unique attributes! Fantasy TD at its best!

Over 60 Easter Egg achievements to discover and challenges to overcome!

Extra game modes that push your strategy to the limit!

Go head-to-head with your allies in fierce boss battles against the kingdom's greatest threats!

The in-game encyclopedia contains useful information from your towers and enemies! Use it to plan your best strategies and defeat them!

Play offline! Test your skills even offline, because the action doesn't stop even when the Internet stops! Enjoy hours of gameplay anytime, anywhere!

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How to play

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game in which your goal is to intercept the path of the enemy by placing a series of towers in their way. Your goal is to stop them from reaching your base and destroying your kingdom.

Each level offers a predetermined path with empty slots around it, called "strategy points", in which players can build towers. There are four types of towers to choose from: mage, archer, barracks, and cannon, each of which costs a certain amount of money to build and upgrade. At the beginning of each level, the player is given some money to build the first tower. When enemies start to appear from one end of the path, the tower must be able to kill them before they reach the other end of the path (the defense point). Players will also rely on a number of spells and heroes (with cooldowns) to help the tower. Killing enemies will generate money that can easily be used to build and upgrade towers. Another way to make money is to summon waves of enemies early, which also reduces the cooldown time of spells. Money can also be made by selling constructed towers or by allowing enemies to reach defense points.

To stop hordes of orcs and demons from following the path and reaching your kingdom, you need to have a good range of defensive buildings. There are buildings that help you attack enemies from a distance via arrows, buildings that allow you to use powerful magic spells, and buildings that give you soldiers to further block the enemy's path.

As you complete missions in the main campaign, you can continue to optimize your tower defense by collecting arrows, dealing more damage to enemies, or gaining more powerful soldiers. Simply put, by improving your buildings, you'll have more chances to win in more difficult levels. Also, even if an enemy manages to get past your tower defenses, you can always use powerful spells to rally troops or throw fireballs.

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