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Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
26 Dec,2022
Updated:December 6, 2019
Size:150 GB
Developer: Rockstar Games
Tags: Shooting Plot GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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Set in an open world, Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in the fictional American West and features a third-person perspective. Players control an outlaw named Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde crime syndicate gang, and complete different missions to advance the plot. Outside of the missions, players are free to explore the open world as if they were playing a sandbox game. Players can ride horses or walk throughout the western US and Mexican worlds with a top-down feel. The gun battles in the game have a bullet-like time setting. Players can mark multiple shooting targets on enemies in a slow-motion period of time. There is a moral value system in the game. Not only does the player's behaviour affect the player's reputation, but also the attitude of NPCs towards the player changes accordingly. The game has a multiplayer mode, which allows up to sixteen players to participate.

During the game, players can duck into cover, aim freely, or lock onto a target character or animal. Players can also selectively hit certain body parts to immobilise the target without killing them. The target's AI will react differently when the player hits different parts of the target. Weapons available include regular pistols, revolvers, rifles, semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, explosives, ropes, Gatling machine guns, knives, Indian tomahawks and more.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is being developed by Rockstar Games and features RAGE. the game was initially expected to be released in 2017, but was later pushed back to spring 2018 before it was confirmed that the game would be released on October 26. The game's music was produced by Woody Jackson, who produced the music for Drakengard.Rockstar Games is the game development division of game publisher Take-Two Interactive, based in New York, USA, formerly BMG Entertainment's game publishing division BMG In 2005, Take-Two established the 2K Games brand, as well as the 2K Sports brand for sports games and the 2K Play brand for casual games, in order to differentiate its games from those published by Rockstar. The 2K Games brand, as well as the 2K Sports brand for sports games and the 2K Play brand for casual games, were created to consolidate the resources of the original Take-Two studio development brands.

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How to play

"Red Dead Redemption 2" is one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time. It has won more than 175 annual game awards and received more than 250 perfect scores, and "Wild Darts: Redemption 2" PC version is to experience this The best way to play.

Before starting the game, it is recommended that you turn on the "Subtitle speaker name" option in the Display Features column. This will make it easier to distinguish which character is speaking in the episode.

Enter the game and take control of Arthur as he rides after Dech and meets Micah, who is also out looking for supplies.

Continue to follow Deqi and Micah and find a farm. After approaching, first follow the hints to tie up the horse, then enter the barn and press R1 to hide in the cover. While Deutch was dealing with the residents, Micah, who was hiding, noticed the body in the broken wagon and thought something was wrong. At this point, press L1 to equip the pistol and shoot the residents who are dealing with Deqi.

After that open war multiple enemies will appear from the top left position of the radar. Note that in order to complete the medal progress, to ensure that the pistol shot hit rate, try not to hit empty. Also livestock cover does not completely block the enemy's shooting, to do no harm or to quickly kill the enemy. After eliminating all the enemies, enter the house to scavenge. In addition to the dining table, cabinets, bedside, through the escalator inside the house can also climb to the second floor to search for supplies. You can find North American Animal Card 11 in the nightstand of the house. Next, go to the barn to investigate, and in the barn you will be attacked by a man from O'Driscoll. Press ○ and keep swinging your fist to knock him down. After that, you can press □ to interrogate him to find out O'Driscoll's base camp and his next target. After interrogation, you can choose to beat him to death or let him go. Then pick up the hat and gun from the ground. If you can't see the location, you can look at the radar. Both the gun and the hat will be marked on the radar in the form of an icon. After that, you will still be prompted to pacify and take the horses from the barn. Take the horses towards the mission point location to trigger the plot. Deqi, Micah found a surviving woman - Seti Yadle. Finally the three set fire to the farm and return with Sadie Yadler and supplies.

Driven into the field by memories

John was out scouting and did not return. Arthur and Harwell decided to go ahead and look for him.

Kill all wolves without taking any damage.

Finish with at least 80 hits

Just follow Harwell all the way through the first half of the ride and unlock the cinematic view on the way. Long press the touchpad to enter the movie view, movie view mode hold down the x button to automatically follow the road or other paths, in some rush process can use the movie view to introduce the move operation.

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