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Blitz Brigade
Blitz Brigade
12 Dec,2022
Updated:January 11, 2021/March 23, 2020
Developer: Gameloft
Tags: Shooting role-playing fun iOS Android girls boys action survival strategy RPG

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Blitz Brigade is a shooting game, a variety of shooting battles for you to participate in, a variety of cool aircraft for you to choose, online duel to enjoy the battle, exquisite battle duel exciting, with a rich variety of scenes for you to explore the challenge, different weapons for you to unlock with.

The game is set in the Second World War, using a fun cartoon image style, and a variety of funny exaggerated weapons, the picture is very bright colors.

The game allows players to play as various types of soldiers, at the beginning, the game only provides players with two roles of soldiers and gunners, with the level of advancement can unlock other roles, the game can also drive other vehicles.

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How to play

Before joining the battle, players can choose one of five professions.

For the versatile soldier, the hard-hitting gunner, the supportive medic, the accurate sniper, the cunning infiltrator, the fearsome demolition soldier or the tactically focused engineer.

Each profession has its own unique skills, players need to give full play to their strengths and contribute to the team as much as possible.

A variety of vehicles to choose from, break through the enemy's defense line within the time limit.

Classic street gun shooting gameplay, super cool shooting gameplay, fast dodge the enemy attack.

Cool arsenal of weapons, a variety of firearms props to choose from, and a variety of powerful props can be purchased and upgraded.

Simple and flexible operation, everyone can easily complete it.

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