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Pickle Pete: Survivor
Pickle Pete: Survivor
24 Jul,2023
Updated:July 15, 2023/July 12, 2023
Developer: Frojo Apps AB
Tags: Adventure Action Role Playing iOS Android Boys Girls Fun Shooting

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In the faraway land of Crunchville, an eccentric and renowned scientist named Professor Picklesworth has spent his entire life conducting wild experiments. One day, he stumbles upon a peculiar pickle that possesses a mysterious and powerful energy source. The pickle, which he affectionately names "Pickle Pete," emits a radiant glow and exhibits extraordinary abilities.

The professor becomes obsessed with harnessing Pickle Pete's energy for the betterment of Crunchville, but his experiments take a disastrous turn. In an accidental explosion, the lab is destroyed, and the town is thrown into chaos. The energy from Pickle Pete scatters across Crunchville, causing strange anomalies and turning various creatures into monstrous versions of themselves.

As the town's only hope, Professor Picklesworth takes on the mantle of "Pickle Pete" and transforms into a courageous, sentient pickle with newfound abilities. Now, Pickle Pete must embark on a thrilling adventure to restore order to Crunchville, find the missing energy fragments, and save the town from impending doom.

Pickle Pete: Survivor is an action-adventure game set in a vibrant and quirky world. Players take on the role of Pickle Pete, navigating through diverse environments and facing various challenges to rescue Crunchville from chaos.

Pickle Pete's Abilities: As Pickle Pete, players have unique abilities such as rolling, bouncing, and stretching to access different areas and evade enemies.

Energy Fragment Collection: The main objective is to collect the scattered energy fragments throughout Crunchville. Each fragment enhances Pickle Pete's abilities, making him more powerful as the game progresses.

Puzzle Solving: Players encounter environmental puzzles that require creative use of Pickle Pete's abilities to progress. These puzzles may involve platforming challenges, manipulating objects, or solving riddles.

Combat: Players must battle against the mutated creatures affected by the energy release. Combat mechanics may include using Pickle Pete's stretching ability to punch and attack enemies.

Level Design: The game features diverse and visually captivating levels, including forests, caves, laboratories, and more. Each area is uniquely designed with interactive elements and hidden secrets.

Quests and Side Missions: Along the way, players can take on optional side quests and missions given by quirky characters in Crunchville, adding depth to the game's narrative.

Upgrade System: As players progress and collect energy fragments, they can use them to unlock new abilities, improve Pickle Pete's attributes, and customize his appearance.

Boss Battles: Epic boss encounters punctuate the game's progression. Players must use their acquired abilities and wit to defeat formidable foes.

Graphics and Sound:

The game features colorful and cartoonish graphics that enhance the whimsical atmosphere of Crunchville. Animations for Pickle Pete's abilities, enemies, and environmental elements add charm and fluidity to the gameplay. The soundtrack complements the game's tone, blending adventurous and comedic elements.


Pickle Pete: Survivor can be developed for various platforms, including consoles, PC, and mobile devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience.

Pickle Pete: Survivor combines action, adventure, and puzzle-solving elements in a quirky and charming world. Players will be drawn to the intriguing plot of a scientist-turned-pickle hero, embarking on a journey to save Crunchville. With innovative gameplay mechanics and engaging level design, the game promises an immersive and entertaining experience for players of all ages.

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How to play

The game begins with an animated cutscene introducing the story of Professor Picklesworth's experiment gone wrong, leading to the birth of Pickle Pete. The tutorial level follows, guiding players through the basic controls, such as rolling, bouncing, stretching, and combat mechanics.

 Exploration and Puzzle-Solving:

Players explore Crunchville's diverse environments, each containing unique puzzles and challenges. Some puzzles may involve using Pickle Pete's abilities to reach high platforms, manipulate objects, or activate switches to unlock new areas.

Energy Fragment Collection:

Throughout the game, players collect scattered energy fragments. These fragments not only contribute to the narrative by revealing more about the professor's experiment but also serve as a means of character progression. Each fragment grants Pickle Pete new abilities or upgrades his existing ones, enhancing his combat skills and movement options.

Combat and Enemies:

As Pickle Pete encounters the mutated creatures of Crunchville, players engage in combat sequences. Utilizing his stretchy arms and unique moves, players can defeat enemies in creative ways. Each enemy type may have different weaknesses, requiring strategic thinking during battles.

Quests and Side Missions:

Along the main storyline, players can undertake optional side quests and missions. These quests may involve helping townsfolk, retrieving lost items, or defeating powerful foes in exchange for rewards and additional energy fragments.

Boss Battles:

At key points in the game, players face challenging boss battles against formidable foes. These encounters demand the full utilization of Pickle Pete's abilities, as players must observe the boss's patterns and weaknesses to emerge victorious.

Character Customization:

As players progress, they unlock customization options for Pickle Pete's appearance. They can change his color, outfit, and accessories, adding a personal touch to the pickle hero.

Save Points and Checkpoints:

The game includes frequent save points and checkpoints, ensuring players can resume their progress after completing difficult sections or facing defeat.

Humor and Quirky Dialogue:

Throughout the game, the dialogue between characters, including Pickle Pete himself, is filled with humor and quirky interactions. This lighthearted approach adds to the game's charm and creates an enjoyable atmosphere.

Accessible Controls: The game's controls are intuitive and responsive, making it easy for players of all ages to enjoy the experience.

Balanced Difficulty: The game maintains a balanced difficulty curve, gradually introducing new mechanics and challenges as players progress.

Exploration Incentives: Hidden areas, secret collectibles, and rewards for thorough exploration encourage players to delve deeper into the game world.

Replay Value: The game offers replayability through different difficulty modes, collectibles, and achievements, motivating players to revisit the adventure.

Accessibility Options: Implementing accessibility features, such as adjustable difficulty levels, color-blind modes, and control customization, ensures inclusivity for all players.

Dynamic Music: The game's soundtrack adapts to the gameplay, intensifying during combat or boss battles, and creating an immersive experience.

Engaging Narrative: A captivating storyline with interesting characters and plot twists keeps players engaged and invested in the outcome.

Co-op Mode: Optionally, the game can feature a cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing friends to join forces as different characters, adding to the game's social appeal.

By incorporating these gameplay elements and notes, Pickle Pete: Survivor promises to be a delightful and memorable gaming experience for players seeking an entertaining and humorous action-adventure in the whimsical world of Crunchville.

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