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Guardian Tales
Guardian Tales
12 Dec,2022
Updated:October 19, 2021/October 19, 2021
Developer: Kakao Games Corp.
Tags: action simulation adventure iOS Android role-playing fun combat arena girls boys free pixelated puzzle strategy

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Guardian Tales game tells the story of the Guardian Knights, the plot takes place in Canterbury where a knight has just joined the Guardians of the Kingdom of Canterbury. Having just completed training with the other members of the Guardians, they are informed that they are under attack. Led by Captain Eva, the knight and the others rushed to the main gate of the castle to fend off the invaders. But as they fend off the intruders, a huge fireball falls on them, causing the Guardian Knights to be thrown off, but saved by a mysterious stranger. With the main gate of the palace broken, a large group of invaders pours in and attacks the capital of the kingdom. The Guardian Knight manages to battle the front lines of the invaders, rescuing his friends Bob and Linda and reuniting with Captain Eva. The two then rush to the main palace, only to be stopped by a giant Minotaur. Nate and Eva manage to defeat it and return to the palace to meet with the young princess and Queen Camilla. Camilla uses her powers to evacuate the people to safety. The four of them then begin to leave, but are attacked by the Black Magician who led the invader offensive into Canterbury. They survived because the young princess used her power to "slow down" the Black Magician, which provided space and time for Camilla to use her flying magic. In the attack, the guardian knight, Captain Eva, Bob, Linda, the princess and Camilla survived. However, Camilla and Captain Eva are found missing after being attacked by the pursuing Black Magician while escaping in the air. The guardian knight and the young princess crash-landed from near the forest outside Canterbury. After fainting, the guardian knight finds the young princess being chased by a group of goblins who want to kidnap her. The adventure begins as they seek to escape while they also find a way to free Canterbury from the clutches of the invaders.

The Guardian Knights are the newest recruits to the Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Canterbury. After completing his/her first training as a Guardian, the Guardian Knight is faced with a group of enemies called the "Invaders" who want to rule the world.

Begin your adventure in Canterbury, a world unsettled by the attacks of the invaders and destined to be saved by the legendary Guardians!

Puzzle gameLift heavy boulders, throw explosive bombs and get yourself over obstacles to discover the hidden path to amazing treasures!

Strategic action combat, duck, dodge, dive, swoop and dodge your way to defeat powerful enemies and massive bosses on your own terms!

Challenging Dungeons and BossesExplore the dark and dangerous dungeons and challenge the behemoth bosses that inhabit them!

Fierce PVP and ranking rally and team up with your best 3 hero squad to face off against others in real-time battles for glory!

 Heroes and weapons collection are dangerous to go alone! Collect and choose from over 50 heroes and 100 different weapons - each with their own unique abilities!

 Create guilds with friends, make new friends, show off your heroes and party at the Guild House! Oh, and take it easy on the guild scarecrow...

Customize your floating castle. Do you like pancakes? Build a pancake house! Like clowns? Build a circus! Customize your island just the way you and your hero want it!

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How to play

Guardian Tales combines role-playing action, puzzles and adventure, and while exploring forests and dungeons, your task is to move your character by using your left thumb. Using your right thumb, choose to attack, launch special skills and interact with any element in each scene. Interacting with each item differently (like an open sandbox), you'll find flashlights, gravel, jump on trampolines, chat with other characters, and more.

Players control Guardian Knights in a top-down view. The game has controls in the lower right and lower left corners of the joystick screen. Players who want to advance to the next round of the game must fight a number of enemies, using all tactics and running to lure them to the desired area, but if the battle is not over, the player will be "locked" in an area. Players can also unlock new heroes throughout the game and gain access to new weapons by opening boxes or finding hidden locations. Players initially camp in the forest to rest and heal after completing a stage, but after completing Chapter 1, players land in Paradise Castle, an airport operated by innkeeper Lorraine at her residence. Players can also summon heroes by using gems each time they attempt to do so. Players can also join a guild with other players, which will open up a Raid mode targeting 4 Bosses.

Once Heavenhold is unlocked, players can also experience other game modes such as Colosseum and Arena. These two challenges will allow players to fight with other players. In Colosseum mode, players will risk 4 heroes to fight against 4 heroic opponents. The matches are played automatically, but players can rearrange their positions before the battle. In Arena, players can only control one of the three heroes and compete online against heroic opponents. If a hero fails, the player will be replaced by a second and third hero until the last hero fails.

The story mode in Guardian Tales is simple. Begin as a frail guard of the kingdom, trying to survive a new attack by the Dark Wizard. From there, your adventure begins to take on more epic elements - you face an ever-increasing number of evil monsters and venture out to explore the wider areas of the kingdom.

Guardian Tales is a wonderful role-playing game with a super fun setting and a strong pixelated charm.

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