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20 Jun,2023
Updated:June 12, 2023/June 7, 2023
Developer: Level Infinite
Tags: role-playing survival simulation shooting iOS Android boys

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Undawn is an upcoming open-world survival shooter game developed by Tencent Games' Lightspeed & Quantum Studios. Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and mutated creatures, Undawn offers players a challenging and immersive gameplay experience.

In the game, players assume the role of survivors who must navigate through the ruins of civilization, scavenge for resources, and fight off hordes of enemies. The primary objective is to stay alive and rebuild in this hostile environment.

Undawn features a rich and engaging plot that unfolds as players progress through the game. The story revolves around a catastrophic event known as the "Resurgence." Following this event, the world has been plunged into chaos, with most of humanity transformed into ferocious creatures. As a survivor, players must uncover the secrets behind the Resurgence and find a way to reclaim their shattered world.

The game offers a variety of gameplay elements to enhance the survival experience. Players can explore vast open-world environments, gather resources, craft weapons and equipment, and build and fortify their bases. Collaboration with other players is crucial, as teaming up in alliances can provide additional protection, resources, and strategic advantages.

Undawn also features intense combat mechanics, with a wide range of weapons and abilities at players' disposal. Whether facing off against infected creatures or engaging in PvP battles with rival players, skillful shooting and tactical decision-making are essential to succeed in the game.

As the plot progresses, players will encounter various non-playable characters (NPCs) and factions, each with their own stories, quests, and unique abilities. By interacting with these characters and completing missions, players can uncover more about the game's lore and progress the storyline.

Undawn aims to deliver a visually stunning and immersive gaming experience on mobile devices, combining high-quality graphics, detailed environments, and intense action-packed gameplay.

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How to play

Undawn offers detailed gameplay mechanics and various survival methods to help players navigate the post-apocalyptic world and overcome challenges. 

Exploration and Open World: Undawn features a vast open-world environment for players to explore. As survivors, players can venture into different locations, ranging from desolate cities to rural areas, and scavenge for valuable resources, such as food, water, weapons, ammunition, and crafting materials.

Base Building and Fortification: Building a base is crucial for survival in Undawn. Players can construct and fortify their bases to create a safe haven from the hostile world. Bases provide shelter, storage for resources, crafting stations, and defense mechanisms to ward off enemies and rival players.

Crafting and Resource Management: Resource management is essential to sustain survival in Undawn. Players can collect various materials from the environment and use them to craft weapons, equipment, and other essential items. Crafting allows players to customize their gear, enhance their abilities, and improve their chances of survival.

Combat and Weaponry: Undawn offers intense combat encounters with both zombies and hostile creatures, as well as other players in PvP battles. Players can utilize a wide range of weapons, including firearms, melee weapons, and explosives, to eliminate enemies. Different weapons have varying attributes and playstyles, allowing players to choose their preferred combat approach.

Co-op Gameplay and Alliances: Undawn emphasizes cooperative gameplay. Players can form alliances with other survivors, team up with friends, or join forces with other online players to tackle more challenging missions, defeat powerful enemies, and share resources. Alliances provide benefits such as additional protection, assistance during battles, and trading opportunities.

Character Progression: Players can develop their characters' skills and abilities over time. By gaining experience and completing missions, players can unlock new skills, enhance combat proficiency, and increase their chances of survival. The progression system allows players to tailor their characters to suit their preferred playstyles.

Dynamic Events and Quests: Undawn features dynamic events and quests that occur in the game world. These events can range from large-scale zombie invasions to special missions and challenges. Participating in these events can yield valuable rewards and provide exciting gameplay experiences.

Day and Night Cycle: The game includes a day and night cycle, with each period offering different challenges and opportunities. During the day, players can scavenge for resources and engage in missions more safely, while the night brings increased danger as more powerful enemies emerge.

Survival Tactics: To survive in Undawn, players must employ various tactics. This includes stealthily maneuvering through dangerous areas, utilizing cover during combat, managing limited resources wisely, strategizing base defenses, and adapting to different enemy types and behaviors.

Undawn aims to provide a comprehensive and immersive survival experience, blending exploration, combat, crafting, and cooperative gameplay elements. The game's detailed mechanics allow players to tailor their strategies and playstyles, offering a dynamic and challenging post-apocalyptic world to explore and conquer.

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