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19 Aug,2022
Updated:October 22, 2021/September 16, 2021
Developer: Voodoo
Tags: Casual Puzzle iOS Android Classic Simple Survival Fun Boys Girls Free

For reference, 2 game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

Description 2 is a new multiplayer competitive casual game, the gameplay inherits the gameplay mode of its predecessor, updated with detailed and vibrant graphics, in which players expand their territory by constantly circling the land, while devouring more paper balls and eliminating all players to become the last survivor. 2 is a real-time multiplayer .io game in which you must take over as much territory as possible. Draw a map in your own colors to take over the world! Watch out for other players fighting for your space.

Don't get too greedy. The longer your tail is exposed, the more likely you are to be destroyed by your opponents.

When their tails are exposed, boldly attack other players. Then claim all the empty spaces they previously inhabited!

Carefully paint and move closer to your territory until you are sure you can claim more space.

Move around the edges of the map to minimize exposure while claiming more and more space for yourself!

If you liked Paper Battle 1, try the upgraded version of Paper Battle 2!

Draw circles, get bigger and bigger, and swallow up your opponents!

The way of circling is more smooth and more hands-on!

The game continues the gameplay mode of the previous generation, making the lines become more rounded and delicate, through the square to the ground to continuously carry out the act of circling, devouring as many paper balls, to see who can win the final victory of the ground occupied by the larger, 

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How to play 2 is an online game in which you have to take over as much territory as possible. Of course, other players will do the same, and if you're not careful enough, you'll get taken out by them. One wrong move and all hell breaks loose.

Slide through the white spaces and other players' paint, then create a link to your own color to claim the area. 

When you move outside your color, your tail will be attacked. This means that other players can bump into it to destroy you.

It doesn't matter if the territory you're trying to capture is neutral or belongs to another player, if you fence the land, it's yours! If you successfully fence off an area, it becomes part of your empire territory. Of course, other players will take your territory in the same way.

You are most vulnerable when taking new territories. If another player crosses into your territory, you will be taken out by him. It is said that you have to be very careful because if you are not careful, you will destroy yourself.

Players compete with other players for territory in it, but it is not an easy task. In the game whether you are bold to strike or cautious to return the approach taken for winning. Note that your weak point is your tail, and you will die if you are touched by the enemy no matter how big you are. In the presence of larger l territory, players also have to pay attention to the small thieves who come to steal territory Oh! After all, stealing is allowed in the game, and you can do it too. 2 is a very interesting 'io' type of game, this time, it is an all-round improvement on the first step of the work. In addition, the game offers fascinating graphics, addictive gameplay.

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