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14 May,2021
Updated:May 1, 2021/May 2, 2021
Developer: N3TWORK Inc.
Tags: Puzzle Casual

For reference, Tetris game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


Welcome to TETRIS®, the official mobile app for everyone's favorite puzzle game. Meet and chat with your friends in private TETRIS TOGETHER matches, compete to be the last survivor in the 100-player TETRIS ROYALE mode, try to break your own record in a quick round, or play countless rounds to hone your skills in the game. Single player game mode. Hail TETRIS!

Play against 99 other players, only one of whom will survive. Eliminate lines and use power-ups to send attacks or protect your matrix from spam. Earn tournament points, climb the leaderboard and earn rewards within the time limit.

-Invite your friends to a private tournament.

-Customize the game according to the skill level of the group.

-Chat using live voice chat while playing!

-Hone your skills in the iconic classic Tetris.

*When you want to play Tetris and only have a few minutes to spare, choose from the traditional mode to enjoy unlimited rounds or the new Quick Mode.

-Rotate Tetriminos, delete lines and set your new record.

-Enjoy Tetris anytime, anywhere with offline access to the game.

-Full daily challenges in your preferred way to earn experience and rewards.

-Enjoy intuitive touch controls or select controls on the screen.

-Use different themes, backgrounds, avatars and avatar frames to customize your game experience and gamer profile.

-Flaunt your Tetris style in case you appear in a gameplay video.

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How to play

Consists of seven four-frame dominoes, all of which are made up of four squares. To start, a random square will start falling slowly and continuously from the top of the area. During the fall, the player can rotate the cube in 90 degree increments, move the cube left and right in grid increments, or make the cube fall faster. When the block falls to the bottom of the area or lands on another block and can no longer move down, it will be fixed there, and then a new random block will appear above the area and start falling. When a horizontal row (column) in the area is completely filled with blocks, the column is eliminated and becomes the player's score. The more rows that are eliminated at the same time, the more the score increases exponentially. The player's goal in the game is to score as many points as possible. The game ends when a fixed pile of blocks reaches the top of the area and the layer cannot be eliminated. Some games offer single squares, and those single squares can penetrate the fixed squares to reach the bottom empty space. Other revisions feature more special shapes.

The number of columns that can be cleared varies from one square to another; I squares can clear up to 4 columns, J and L squares can clear up to 3 columns, while the remaining ones can only clear up to 2 columns.

Generally, the game also suggests the next block that will fall, and skilled players will calculate how the next block will be placed. Since the game can go on and on, which is not ideal for commercial use, the speed of the falling blocks generally increases as the game progresses,

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