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ABC Runner
ABC Runner
26 Jun,2023
Updated:February 6, 2021/April 2, 2021
Size:81.79 MB/197.17MB
Developer: PLUSDOT Technology Limited
Tags: Puzzle Leisure

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ABC Runner is a very fun casual game that combines parkour competition with intellectual competition, challenging players' reflexes and vocabulary. Players not only need to control the character to win the parkour competition, but also need to quickly mobilize brain power to answer spelling questions and complete the level.

Rich game way to feel a different puzzle challenge, a large number of puzzles a variety of different puzzles to increase the difficulty of the game.

The new game process allows players to freely choose to feel the new way to play, rich puzzle process allows players to feel the new way to play.

A variety of different ways to let players freely choose, interesting game process to bring new game fun unlock a different experience.

The pursuit of higher goals, grasp all the opportunities to create an exclusive era.

High visual effect of the picture, the effect of satisfactory operability, also quite like.

Exercise you to think from multiple angles, can also help you break the inherent thinking, develop a flexible and versatile way of thinking.

Riddle explanation, so you know why it is the riddle . Regular practice, your intelligence level and thinking ability will get a qualitative leap.

Stereoscopic and lovely participating characters, different colors of the track, players have to run wildly forward, avoiding obstacles and going straight to the end.

New characters to take you to the magical New Year's Eve gate, all characters, pets, wings free trial system quietly debut, and there is a Christmas limited map free open for you to run wildly! When the old and the new change, it's the day of revelry!

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How to play

In the game, players need to control the character in the parkour competition to win the first place, while you need to quickly mobilize the brain to answer the spelling questions, brain and hand speed together to finally break through the success. Unique

A new game play to feel the new puzzle experience, a variety of different ways to freely match the game to feel a different crossword challenge, rich opponents different levels with the emergence of the title to bring more of the fun of the European system to unlock the new game process to feel a new way to play.

The simple operation will always let you feel the joy of breaking into the game, play your position to get better victory, if you are interested, come and download it!

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