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It cannot be denied that nowadays there are numerous Parkour games on different platforms. All these games have their own distinctive features. And some of them are popular around the world. Temple Run is one of them. The graphics in this game are awesome and the best. The colors in this game are more vivid and make everything more real. In terms of music, although the music in this game is not that kind of rocking or shocking, it is more rich and different scenes are accompanied by different music styles, which can help players keep a good mood all the time.

Generally speaking, it is not that kind of easy to play this game. There are a lot of tasks. And to successfully complete all these tasks, you need to react quickly and run fast at the same time, which is difficult. You also need to learn to jump, slide and make turns at the appropriate time to avoid all those obstacles. The longer distance you can run, the higher score you can get. In this game, you will have a chance to resurrect. Your score will not be influenced, and you will not be punished to go back to the starting point. But you need to pay gems to resurrect. Actually, it is OK for you to go back to the starting point and run from the beginning. Anyway, the experience and the feeling of playing this game are the most important thing, not the score. If you are a collector, you will have a great opportunity to collect different types of masks in this game.

The owners of these masks have their own respective superpowers. For example, the Guy Dangerous can release the superpower of shielding. With this shield, you can ignore many obstacles like fire, fallen trees, the broken doors and the stone ladder. But remember it can only protect its master for once during a limited period of time. After that, it will lose its magic. Scarlet Fox can give you the right of ignoring all those traps. You just need to run forward and you will feel like that you are invincible because all those traps will be useless for a period of time. And Barry Bones can give you all the gold coins around the world.

And there are other wonderful characters who can release different superpowers, you can just try for yourself. Anyway, this is a Parkour game into which its producers put into a lot of energy and imagination. Every detail is perfect. It is definitely worthwhile for you to spend time in exploring this magic temple. Once you are out of this temple, you will find yourself invincible!

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How to play

The action in Temple Run 2 remains the same compared to the first game, with jumping, sliding and moving left and right. However, the scenario and graphics have been greatly improved. Temple Run 2 is a parkour game based on an ancient temple. In the game, we can experience steel ropes, mining cars, cliffs, traps and so on.

By deliberately drawing out the monsters by banging into walls and tripping over them, the speed of the game is reduced and reaction time is increased.

Firstly, man-made wall crashes. This is simple: make sure there are no obstacles in front of you, slide your finger and hit the wall, the monster will appear and slow down. However, it is important to note that there is no response to clicking on the jump immediately after hitting the wall artificially, so you can only fall unnoticed.

Secondly, turn in advance. This means that if you turn in advance at a bend, you will hit the wall, but later on the main character will turn automatically without having to click again. But don't turn too far ahead.

Once you die in the game, you can ask for help through an emerald. So eat as many gems as you can while running. However, it is important to use them at the right time, as emeralds are not easy to come by. And for those who have played before, the first time is 1, the second time is 2, the third time is 4, and so on .... So it's better to save your gems and use them in one go at the end of the game.

The first thing you should do is to earn more coins and upgrade all your props.

There is a column of skills at the top left of the game. When you eat coins, the power slot will increase and become fluorescent green when it is full. There are a variety of abilities to choose from, such as Coin Absorption, Rampage, Shield and more. In addition, these abilities can be upgraded with gems to extend the time, and cost 2 gems!

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