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For reference, Dungeons 2 game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


In Dungeons 2, use the monsters of the underworld in a voracious battle for revenge in order to fulfill the evil plans of the devil. Manipulate the demon lord to establish connections between various unique horror dungeons and train troops of horrible monsters. Prepare to protect your kingdom from the hated heroes and wage war against the human cities of the underground world.

- Unique game mode." Dungeons 2" is a game that simulates the underground world while implementing real-time strategy in the above-ground world.

- Offers 11 missions, 2 forces, 26 unique actionable creatures and a multiplayer online mode that engages up to 4 players in an exciting single player campaign.

- Manipulate creatures continuously and accurately with fearful hands.

- Version includes 11 new maps.

Dungeons 2 is a strategy simulation video game developed by Realmforge Studios and published by Kalypso Media.

Kalypso Media Group is a German developer and publisher of video games. Founded in 2006 as Worms, Germany, Kalypso continues to grow and currently includes four additional sister companies in Germany, the UK and the US. It also has three in-house game studios, Realmforge Studios, Gaming Minds Studios and Claymore Game Studios, as well as collaborations with third-party studios. Kalypso is also known for its Tropico, Sudden Strike, Dungeons and Railway Empire series, among others.

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How to play

The game is divided into 2 parts.

There is a map in the bottom left corner and a map in the bottom right corner.

The bottom left corner shows the ground map, where the game is played in real-time strategy while on the ground.

And the bottom right corner shows the dungeon map, which is your home, where building, recruiting, gathering and other actions are done.

Mouse left button - This key controls most of the actions, the action bar for giving commands, pointing skills, etc.

The most common ones are clicking on a stone to order a kid to dig. You can also click on a minion to grab him.

Mouse right click - This key is the most used key in addition to the left mouse button.

It is mostly used to cancel commands, drop a grabbed minion, and return.

Mouse wheel - This key is rarely used, and is only used to zoom in and out of view.

WSAD - to move the view

Other keyboard keys - Quick keys that change with the action bar.

In a dungeon, there will be a door like this. This door connects the ground with the dungeon. Grabbing minions and throwing them in can dispatch them to the surface for battle. Pay special attention to the fact that the resource bar is divided into two sections shown on the top left and top right.

There is a reason for this. The top left is a fixed resource, which means that whatever the race is, it will need this resource.

The upper right is the non-fixed resources, this is for the Horde, while the non-fixed resources for the Demon camp change from 2 to one, Spider Eggs.

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