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9 Nov,2023
Updated:January 20, 2021/January 20, 2021
Developer: Dennis Vukanovic
Tags: horror escape simulation role-playing thriller survival horror adult escape room atmosphere violence gore iOS Android

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Welcome to Grandma.

Grandma let you lock up in her house.

Now you must try to leave her house, but be careful and quiet. She listens to everything.

If you drop something on the floor, she will hear it and come running.

You can hide in the closet or under the bed.

You have 5 days.

This is a puzzle + escape horror game, players need to play a child locked in a room, in order to escape from the room, you need to stop the alarm in the room, find the key to open the door and escape at the right opportunity. Only in a hurry, use your brain, rely on skilled positioning to escape Granny's clutches. Find your way out of the secret room and avoid the scary grannies patrolling everywhere.

Granny is a dark and realistic gloomy picture for players to shape the immersive atmosphere of the scene, in the horror of granny, players through a closed room on the one hand, you need to avoid the terrible grandmother image, the other side of the effort to find a way out, pay attention to do not be caught by the grandmother, or your life is not safe.

Good luck!

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How to play

After the game starts you have 5 days to escape by collecting various props. You will wake up in a room after you start, and then you need to take advantage of the grandmother can not see you go to other rooms to search for tools, each day a location to refresh the props is random, but the location of the new props will not change, each prop has its own use, you have to cleverly use the bed and closet and other things, you can avoid the grandmother's pursuit, but do not think you hide under the bed after she can not catch you! .

In the game you need to use the hammer to smash open the wooden board sealing the exit, use pliers to cut open the electronic lock at the door (but also to cut open the power supply in the basement to open the lock), use the blue key to open the door on the small lock, use the code card to open the door on the code lock, and finally the red key to open the door to escape!

In the game you randomly touch what furniture will be brought to the grandmother, so pay attention to the positioning

When caught by the clamps to point the star at the clamps will appear move button, press and hold to get rid of the clamps

Some door props have other uses. For example, the hammer is used to knock open the third floor of the board used to build a bridge, and used to smash the camera. Pliers are used to cut open the power supply of the electric fan, so as to take the escape with props

There are two yellow keys in the game, a full yellow key is used to open the basement safe, and the other yellow key is used to open the cabinet where the crossbow is kept. Crossbow arrows can shoot sedatives so that grandmother can not move for a period of time, simple mode 2 minutes can not move, general mode 1 minute, difficult mode 30 seconds.

Note that there is a bell at the door on the first floor, you walk over it will trigger the organ to draw Grandma over. You can help yourself with other items in the game, the

Hammer: knock on the gate wooden board, knock on the third floor camera and knock on the third floor wooden board, wooden board used to build a bridge

Handle: installed on the well, you can shake up the well

Pliers: cut the organs of the gate, and the negative first floor electrical box wires, and cut the third floor fan wires

Watermelon: put the guillotine to cut off, you can get something hidden in the watermelon

Teddy bear: will lead the grandmother over or put the third floor crib can trigger paintball

Shotgun: composed of three props, the production site in the garage, you can pick up bullets loaded, hit the grandmother can make her disappear for two minutes

Normal mode and difficult are one minute and 30 seconds respectively

Crossbow: the weapon box key to open the weapon box was obtained, hit the syringe can be picked up to continue to use, hit the grandmother to make her disappear the same time as the shotgun, you can knock off the first floor stairs on the shiny items to get the key items, you can trigger the clip.

Puzzle pieces: can be gathered to put together a complete portrait of Grandma, the production site in the negative first floor, rewarded with an extra day after completion.

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