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Adventure Quest 3D MMO RPG
Adventure Quest 3D MMO RPG
15 Nov,2021
Updated:October 29, 2021/November 1, 2021
Developer: Artix Entertainment LLC
Tags: role-playing simulation action iOS Android multiplayer online strategy girls boys RPG anime combat challenge adventure

For reference, Adventure Quest 3D MMO RPG game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


Adventure Quest is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game with no original theme, featuring the Void King who is secretly gathering an army. Death has chosen you as his warrior to defeat him. Adventure and explore with your friends in this whimsical cross-platform MMORPG.

This MMORPG is a little different ...... You've been warned.

Warning from Wizard General: This game is only for fantasy MMORPGs, sword and sorcery, open world games, enthusiastically engaged game developers, and those who wander in here completely by mistake but download and enjoy it anyway. May contain AE's unpredictable tongue-in-cheek humor, parodies, puns, weird fusion of monsters, and the game is so casually hardcore that there's a 99% chance you'll be dead before the game even starts. But hey, maybe you'll get lucky, and DEATH will be too much for you to resist. There's only one way to find out.

"Be a part of AdventureQuest 3D's ever-evolving open world! We're building new realms, quests, challenges and adventures beneath your feet." 

Live and special events with virtual concerts by world-renowned artists, massively multiplayer mosh pits, weird gaming holidays like "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

There are no professional restrictions on any of the game's equipment except for some membership restrictions, in other words, mages can wield machetes too, and fitting is free.

There is no trading system in the game, and there is no "looting", that is, once the item is dropped all players can get, so fundamentally can solve the moral problems caused by trading.

The game provides a very rich costume, which can replace the appearance of the profession, even if you change the profession will not affect the character's dress. You are free to choose your favorite fashion outfit, thus you can always maintain your personal favorite look.

AdventureQuest 3D MMO for Warcraft or hobby biased European and American side of the game players, this game for you really very game, as a handheld game every week to keep updated very rare, not only that as an imitation of the World of Warcraft game, it can be said that this game is really to take its essence to its dross, interested players do not miss, the

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How to play

Adventure Quest 3D is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game whose main attraction is the inclusion of a true 'cross-platform' feature. This means that two people can play on the same server: looting dungeons, talking or completing quests, or even one player playing on Android and the other using a PC with Windows.

Adventure Quest 3D players are part of an ongoing medieval fantasy world in which evil forces threaten to destroy the world. Players themselves need to stop the danger from happening. So you will be able to complete various types of quests, enter unfriendly territories and of course fight hundreds of monsters.

The fighting system in Adventure Quest 3D takes place in real time. On the right side of the screen you will find the attack buttons and special abilities of all characters. Your character will be able to deal with a lot of enemies on his own, but you will need the help of other players to face some really difficult challenges.

Create a unique hero, character customization to view as many items on your character as you want ...... whenever you want to watch anime and view items on your character when you equip! Our mall is the best Equip swords, scythe blades (scythe + sword = great), wands, benches, armor, matrix long coats, gloves, boots, capes, helmets, belts, hair and accessories.

Multiple professions: collect as many as you like and switch freely between them, fighters, mages, thieves, ninjas, dragon slayers, necromancers, paladins, pirates, rangers, berserkers and more!

Adventure Quest is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game without an original theme, but it does offer one very interesting feature: cross-platform. When creating your character, the game also offers a diversity of social classes, as well as many different servers to start your adventure.

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