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Fate Grand Order
Fate Grand Order
14 Mar,2023
Updated:May 10, 2021/May 14, 2021
Size:71M/153.2 MB
Developer: Aniplex Inc.
Tags: RPG turn-based Android IOS

For reference, Fate Grand Order game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


TYPE-MOON presents a new cell phone " Fate RPG"!

Featuring impressive main scenes and multiple character quests.

The game features millions of words of the original story!

Filled with content that both Fate franchisees and newcomers can enjoy.


AD 2017

Chaldea, an organization tasked with watching the future of Earth, has confirmed that human history will be obsolete in 2019.

Without warning, the 2017 Day of Hope disappeared.

Why? How? WHO? What to do?

Ad. 2004. A provincial town in Japan.

For the first time ever, there was an unobservable area.

Assuming this was the cause of human extinction, Chaldea conducted a sixth experiment-traveling through time and space.

Forbidden rituals, they transform humans into Spiritrons and send them back in time. By intervening in the event, they will locate, identify and destroy the temporal singularity.

The mission classification is the order to protect humanity: the Great Order.

This is a title for those who oppose the history and destiny of humanity in order to preserve it.

A command card battle RPG optimized for smartphones!

The player becomes the master and, together with the spirit of valor, defeats the enemy and solves the mystery of the disappearance of human history.

It is up to the player to decide to meet with their favorite heroes heroes old and new.

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How to play

Blue cards: All command cards (plus ex cards in the case of brave chain) get a bonus to their np acquisition rate. The card with the highest np gain bonus itself, but not necessarily the highest np gain card. Has the lowest blast star acquisition bonus, 0%. Blue card damage multiplier is 100% normally

Green cards: All command cards (plus ex cards in case of brave chain) get a bonus to the blast star acquisition rate. The card itself has the highest blast star acquisition bonus (180%), but also not necessarily the highest blast star acquisition card. Has the second highest np acquisition rate bonus. Green card damage multiplier of 80%

Red card: all command cards (plus ex card in case of brave chain) get a damage bonus, damage increase of 50%. The second highest bonus (10%) is obtained by the blast star itself, there is no np gain bonus, that is to say, if the first card is not a blue card, the red card does not gain NP, the red card damage multiplier is 150%

EX card: The fourth card in the brave chain (three cards of the same spirit) is called the white card. There are two types of white card damage values, if you reach brave chain and also reach one of art, buster or quick chain, the white card damage multiplier is 350%. If only brave chain is reached, the white card damage multiplier is 200% (with the bonus of the first card)

brave chain: three cards for one spirit

art/ buster/ quick chain: blue triplet, red triplet, forgiveness triplet

Location: The card is placed in different locations with different effect bonuses, the first card is to provide the next two cards or three cards of different color card bonuses. The second card gets 20% bonus to the attributes of this card (20% increase in damage, 20% increase in access to stars and NP) the third card gets 40% bonus to the attributes of this card (40% increase in damage, 40% increase in access to stars and NP)

Understand that the later the card the higher the damage, the more stars taken, the higher the NP acquisition is good.

ATTENTION: treasure card does not accept this bonus and the first card bonus, that is, the treasure card in the first and third if there is nothing in front of the impact of the lowering of the treasure, the gap between the two will only fluctuate in the number of chaos to make up (each card damage multiplied by a random number between 0.9-1.1) Simply put, the treasure in the first third is the same.

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