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ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved
29 Nov,2021
Updated:November 28, 2021/November 28, 2021
Developer: Studio Wildcard
Tags: Action Role-playing Simulation Fun iOS Android Boys Girls Battle RPG Combat Survival

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Welcome to the mobile version of the world of Ark: Survival Evolved! It's a massive world with over 80 unique dinosaurs and primitive creatures of all colors. In this world set in the Jurassic era, you can form tribes with other players and work together to build a gathering of survivors.

The story of Ark: Survival Evolved focuses on a group of men and women who wake up on the shore and find themselves on a mysterious island full of dinosaurs called "ARK". In addition to hunting, resource scavenging, item building, farming, scientific research, investigating technology and building houses to combat the hot days, cold nights, volatile weather systems, dangerous wilderness and potential enemies, players must also face survivors played by other players, cooperating or killing each other. And there are more than 80 kinds of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, players can tame these huge creatures and use them to fight stronger enemies. Of course dinosaurs are not the dangerous creatures on the island, other players are also organizing their own tribes, accumulating various resources and experience to build huge villages and cities, they can also continue to develop technology to cross the primitive Stone Age and into the modern electrical age, and they will continue to fight to destroy those who threaten them.

There you are alone and unarmed. Collect resources and craft tools to build shelters and hunt. Expand your domain while capturing and taming dinosaurs. Make new friends online, form tribes, and build powerful structures to defend against humans and large predators!

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How to play

Dangerous and unknown wild world. Here, the big adventures you need to undertake include finding supplies, building shelters, and hunting giant dinosaurs in order to survive in the harsh environment.

To build a base, players must acquire basic components such as floors, doors and windows, which are acquired gradually as players progress and collect levels. As long as players have the resources, they can manufacture any component. When the pillars and foundations of a building are damaged, the structural integrity of the building is also compromised. Players can also craft props in the game, such as weapons, which can be achieved by collecting the resources and skills needed to craft them. In addition, players can craft add-ons and add them to weapons, such as adding a scope or flashlight to a pistol or machine gun. If the player consumes the necessary food after being wounded, his life value will gradually recover, the

   Habits refer to the creature's reaction to an attack. Mainly divided into attack (actively attack the player who sees), flee (see the player will run away), ignore (see the player does not react, after being attacked according to the reaction of habit) three, other special circumstances in the following first appear after the note.

The means of taming animals are divided into passive (feed the bait requested by the animal), stunned (fill the stun slot of the animal and put in the item bar to feed the bait that matches the eating habits), and other (other special methods, each annotated).

In general, for carnivores, fine meat and lamb can achieve similar results as bait. For some special animals, some foods can also achieve the effect of bait and will be annotated separately.

Depending on the size of the animal, the required bait and the size of the eggs laid will vary.

Tamed animals can change their attacks, such as active attack, passive defense and so on, and can also fetch some of the items for the player, as well as for the player to ride. Some areas must be reached by riding animals with different abilities.

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