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Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042
22 Aug,2022
Updated:November 19, 2021/November 19, 2021
Developer: DICE
Tags: shooting simulation action online girls boys survival classic role-playing

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Battlefield 2042 is an online multiplayer shooter and survival game where players can experience realistic war shooting and start the game with four preset outfits to deepen their understanding of the traditional characters in the game, as well as a "customize" menu to create their own set of preset outfits. Edit, with the broadening of the game style to create a set of their own equipment.

Of course, the combination of equipment and character needs to be matched with the specific composition of the squad, each character carries a limited amount of material preparation, ammunition can also be replenished through the ammunition boxes put down by teammates. In the active defense system, shoot down sentries and other players together to create an impenetrable location, you need a sentry to observe the enemy, some ammunition and medical kits, an outpost will be built to complete.

Different skills in the game have different map scenarios and have a huge impact on the course of the game, especially in modes like Danger Zone where failure is costly. Each choice the player makes has a countermeasure, and teammates and allies can help you regain your disadvantage and deal with various combat situations. For players who are more inclined to support their allies, first aid becomes more efficient. You can equip them with more support equipment or try to make up for their shortcomings.

This intense survival game experience, which combines a thrilling gaming experience with sandbox content, survives this high-stakes, life-or-death experience, choosing the time to evacuate before the storm hits. Every shot, every battle and every decision counts.

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How to play

The conquest mode of the game is relatively straightforward, just capture as much territory as you can on the map. The more territory you and your teammates occupy, the faster you will consume enemy reinforcements. Breakthrough mode is more confrontational, with players needing to constantly attack the enemy and advance their side of the battle line. Players will need to capture enemy areas while completing objectives.

Both modes also add some new elements. Given the larger scale of the map, some new features have been added to the Conquest mode. Namely, smaller campaign and occupation areas. These areas contain a variety of elements, and the same area contains a variety of different game styles, such as multiple close combat areas, indoor spaces, large open terrain and multiple flags for teams to fight over at the same time.

Teams will not only have to fight for control of flags, as they did in the previous Conquest mode, but will also have to fight for a single area containing multiple flags. To successfully capture an area, teams must seize and maintain control of all flags in an area, otherwise it becomes a neutral area. In Breakthrough mode, zones become larger and the attacking team needs to push all the way to the final objective. The number of players that can be contained in each zone is increased, and the opportunities for strategy and ambushes are increased as players can approach the captured zone through different locations.

Experience points are used to level up players, and as players level up, they gain new weapons, equipment, vehicles, and specialists. But in addition, as players advance to higher levels, they will also receive various cosmetic items.

To unlock weapon accessories and carrier parts, players will need to use specific equipment and increase its proficiency level. Weapon proficiencies can be obtained through kills, while carrier proficiencies are obtained in relation to the specific function of the carrier. You can also gain appearance and character by increasing proficiency.

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