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Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys
Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys
26 Sep,2021
Updated:June 16, 2021/June 16, 2021
Developer: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Tags: role-playing simulation combat team multiplayer fun iOS Android real time girls boys funny

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Pocket Mortys is a role-playing game that is clearly influenced by Pokemon. In this game, you play as Rick, which has to capture all the Mortys in different parallel universes. of course, to capture a Morty, you first have to fight with it and weaken it.

The game is controlled by the main character Rick. The main action begins in the garage of the protagonist, where another mysterious Rik arrives to challenge the protagonist. After the battle between Riks, the character must travel to the place where his weapon will be confiscated. In order to bring him back, you need to cope with the ordeal - defeat six more Riks. After the hero has dealt with all types of Riks, it is also necessary to destroy all existing Morty. The game will end after the protagonist completes this task and overcomes all obstacles.

Thus, the plot is based on the idea of collecting as many Mortys as possible for each Rick. The more Mortys there are in Rick's army, the more authority he will have. The main character travels through different dimensions and fights with his opponents Riks. During the battle you can get a lot of different tokens for restoring internal power.

Everyone's favorite unstable genius. You're yelling at Morty in the garage when the mysterious Rick pops out of a portal and ruins your life. He traps you in a strange dimension, where you'll find Morty collecting and fighting the hottest new trend in the multiverse! More things happen, and to make a long story short, the Rikers Council took your portal gun. Now you must defeat Rix in the multiverse and collect badges to get it back.

Enter the multiverse and experience the latest version of Pocket Morty and come together to defeat all kinds of Ricks: Morty Training! Moustache Morty, Mage Morty, Clone Berg Morty, and more than 70 other oddly-shaped Mortys are waiting for you to capture and train.

Assemble a dream team, refine your Morty in battle, and challenge your rival Rick. Command your Mortys in battle, let them upgrade, merge, and prove that you are the strongest Morty trainer of all time!

The good news is that you can capture, train and evolve hundreds of versions of your grandson! Stack your Morty set with powerful and diverse Morty and Travel Dimensions to defeat Rick with your Portal Gun and your freedom.

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How to play

What is meant in Pocket Mortys is that it is a turn-based system that lets you use different Mortys with different abilities. the gameplay is very intuitive: the stone type Morty is stronger than the scissor type, then the scissor type is stronger than the paper type, and in turn, the paper type is stronger than the stone type.

All in all, there are more than 70 different Mortys in all. in addition to the very first one, you will see Morty, Robot Morty, Cat Morty, Muscle Morty, and many more. Almost all of them have interesting independent animations. As your Morty gets involved in battles and gains experience, they upgrade and grow.

Players train their Mortys to fight other Mortys. By far the strongest Morty is The One True Morty, which appears later in the game. wild Mortys are directly visible on the game map, and players can use the Morty manipulation chip to capture them. "Trainers" are also visible on the map, and they can bring up to five Mortys to fight against the player.

The game has three main interfaces: the navigation game map, the battle interface and the inventory interface.

When a player encounters a wild Morty or a trainer on the map, the game screen switches to the turn-based battle interface and the Mortys of both sides appear on both sides of the screen. During the battle, the player can choose the Moti's action, use items, switch between the battling Moti or run away. A Morty has a life value, and when it is reduced to 0, the Morty loses its ability to fight, as does the enemy. Defeating an opponent's Morty gives you the right amount of experience, which you can accumulate to upgrade the Morty and thus improve its attributes. Two Mortys of the same species can be combined to evolve, increase their attributes and learn new skills. An important part of the game is capturing wild Mortys. When playing against a wild Morty, weakening its life value will increase the probability of capturing it, and after a successful capture, the Morty will be under the player's control and become part of the player's collection!

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