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Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact
9 Nov,2023
Updated:April 16, 2021/Apr 27, 2021
Size:839M/3.4 GB
Developer: miHoYo Limited
Tags: action rpg android ios

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The Original Gods is a new open-world adventure RPG developed by Mihayo, in which you will explore a fantasy world called "Tivat".

In this vast world, you can travel through the seven kingdoms, meet companions with different personalities and unique abilities, fight against powerful enemies with them, and set out to find your blood relatives; or you can roam without a destination, immerse yourself in a world full of life, and let your curiosity drive you to discover the mysteries of every corner ......

Until you reunite with your separated blood relatives, and witness the precipitation of all things at the end.

Tivat" is a vast continent where countless creatures flourish and gather, and in which all the world is contained.

This is the world where the seven gods rule and the seven elements converge. ......

Under the strange sky, a young boy and a young girl stand in the dust and sand.

You are a pair of twins on a journey, drifting from beyond the world. Your blood relatives were taken away by strange gods, and you were sealed by the gods and fell into a deep sleep.

When you wake up again, the landscape between heaven and earth has changed ......

Open World, Free Exploration

The Original Gods is an open world adventure game, which means that from the first moment you enter Tivat, there is always a way to see new landscapes as long as you plan your physical strength wisely, whether it is over mountains or across rivers. If you see wandering fairies or strange devices, why not explore them and see if you are greeted with a surprise?

Elemental interaction, strategic battle

In this land where the elements meet, the world is made up of seven elements: wind, thunder, water, fire, ice, grass and rock, and characters with the Eye of God can channel the power of the elements for battle and exploration. Water and fire meet to trigger "evaporation", fire and lightning cause "overload", and lightning meets water to attach "sense of electricity" ...... for different enemies, use skills to trigger the restraint of elemental effects, is the key to victory.

Art and music, quality presentation

The art style of "Original God" is fresh and transparent, with real-time rendering of transitions and character movements through motion capture and meticulous adjustments, presenting high-quality performance effects. The weather and music change dynamically with the 24-hour day and night, so no matter where you are, you can always listen to the world's top orchestras, such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, playing with regional characteristics.

Many partners, hand in hand with the adventure

In the journey of adventure, you can also meet partners with unique abilities, so you may explore the best team combination, strengthen your character with the materials collected during the journey, and eventually the magic and secret places on the continent will be conquered by you. Standing on the top of the absolute clouds, cloudy, rainy and snowy, the clouds seem to be in front of you. But the lost blood relatives have not yet been reunited, the truth of the "original gods" has not yet emerged ...... move, travelers, the real adventure has just begun it.

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How to play

Press ESC to open the Paramount menu, which will take you to the settings interface to see all the quick keys.

Hold ALT to call out the mouse, you can click the buttons on the interface directly.

After holding TAB to bring up the main interface menu, move the mouse to switch between modules.

Menu Description

Character: You can operate the modules of Character/Weapon/Holy Relic/Talent/Fate Block, etc.

Backpack: You can view/use various items.

Quest: You can view the list of quests/open the pathfinding guide

Map: Click on the unlocked anchor point / secret area / seven days idol to teleport

Prayer: You can pray to get characters and other items

Certificate of Adventure: You can check the daily commission, news, secret world and crusade information

Chronicle: You can view the current level, rewards and tasks of the Chronicle

Events: You can view the current events available in the game


Press ESC to bring up the interface, then click the "Settings" button to set up the game.

Control: If you have a joystick, it is recommended to use the joystick, if it is a keyboard and mouse, the operation buttons are relatively more.

Image: The configuration requirements are as follows: click to view, you can adjust the image according to your own configuration. Dynamic blur and shadows consume the highest graphics card, it is recommended to close the priority.

Sound: it is recommended to open the sound effects and voice, if you feel that the soundtrack is not good to close the music, and then open their own music soft to listen to songs.

Language: players who like different dubbing can choose different dubbing.

Other: it is strongly recommended that the keyboard lock direction, if the handle operation is recommended to open automatically adjust the perspective, if the keypad is recommended to turn off.

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