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Walking Dead Road to Survival
Walking Dead Road to Survival
11 Oct,2021
Updated:October 1, 2021/October 7, 2021
Developer: Scopely, Inc.
Tags: Simulation role-playing fun iOS Android multiplayer team battle survival shooting girls boys strategy plot

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Set in the grim world of Robert Kirkman's zombie-infested comics, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival lets you become a key player in the struggle for survival. The breadth of things to do and the familiar faces will delight fans of the franchise. Led by Rick, Michonne and crew, you'll battle the undead in harsh turn-based battles - then return to Woodbury (where the ruthless Governor rules) and spend resources rebuilding the town. A suitably resilient art style and decision-making moments that influence the story add more heat to an already white-hot experience.

Stand with Michonne, Rick and the other survivors of The Walking Dead and join Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic book series, in the definitive The Walking Dead strategy RPG for epic battles against the darkest of enemies, from the Governor to Negan.

In Walking Dead Road to Survival In Walking Dead Road to Survival, your only goal is to survive a post-apocalyptic era overrun by zombies. Dodging zombies is just a way to buy yourself a little time: if you want to truly escape, aim for the zombie head and don't let any go.

Like the original comic, the story takes place in Woodbury - an American city under tyranny. As Rick, you must entertain each and every zombie while fighting off the brutal rulers of the town. As the game continues, you will encounter more and more obstacles, and the journey to free the citizens will become more and more difficult.

On the way, you will meet the wheel and Michonne, but they will not meet peacefully. Dead: Road to Survival is a role-playing game where the ending will be different depending on your choice. In other words, the game has multiple endings. Regardless, your goal is constant: wipe out the zombies invading your home!

The team arsenal is a fundamental part of the battle. Discover everyone's weaknesses so you can highlight your team's strengths, and only teamwork will keep you alive here!

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How to play

The game has players assembling a survival squad like Rick from the TV show, recruiting members with a variety of strong skills to join your side and survive together after a global zombie plague!

The app includes a story mode that follows the journey of an unnamed protagonist (controlled by the player) and a handful of other survivors in the zombie apocalypse. The player's actions will have an impact on the story and give them multiple options throughout the game.

This turn-based strategy game is an adaptation of the American series. In the game, players build a team of zombie survivors! Each of them has their own specialties, you have to do to play their respective specialties to deal with the zombies, and you may even meet another zombie survivor team, you also have to destroy them.

In addition to fighting countless zombies, you will also have to stand on the high ground of the team's interests and make various tough decisions to survive, which will lead to different endings.

Upgrade your team: recruit team members from the rabble of survivors, customize your character to your liking, and increase their abilities, skill strengths, and weapon capabilities. Progress at a role-playing pace, allowing your survivors to cut down more zombies and become more powerful.

Your decisions mean a lot: make life-or-death decisions in missions that change the game's ending. Write your own survival story in an exciting and engaging role-playing game.

Collect classic characters: Recruit survivors from the Path of the Underworld comics, including Michonne, Rick, Andrea and Glenn. Join Lee and Clemen of Telltale's hit adventure game and embark on a brand new journey.

Build the ultimate base: Build a drop-dead city to protect your survivors from the terrifying creatures out there. Upgrade. Upgrade the city hall, expand the city, go deeper into the wasteland, build props in the workshop, and build houses for the survivors to live in.

Fight against zombies and survivors: Launch special melee and long-range attacks against enemies with deadly weapons such as Michonne's katana. Plan carefully and execute with precision to annihilate your enemies!

Take advantage of strengths and weaknesses: Use the unique strengths and weaknesses of each character to deliver a powerful blow, but beware of cunning enemies.

Join an online gang: Be careful not to be alone! Stand with friends and allies, build battle strategies, share resources, and survive in a brutal world.

Loot enemies in player-versus-player mode: The only rule in Wasteland is survival of the fittest. Take your survivors into the online world and sack enemy fortresses in the open world map. Use smart strategies to get your metropolis to the top.

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