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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
13 May,2021
Updated:May 6, 2021/May 11, 2021
Size:123M/309.2 MB
Developer: Netmarble
Tags: RPG combat turn-based thrill combat

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross showcases the perfect realization of the original anime world! The saga of the holy war that took place 3,000 years ago begins anew. Prepare for the holy war based on characters from the original story rendered in high quality 3D animation! Use your own strategy in real-time PvP!

A new turn-based RPG! A novel approach to combat! A novel approach to combat! A strategic combat system that utilizes a combination of skills.

Skills adjacent to each other with the same star level are upgraded to higher levels!

Each turn in the dynamic battle system gives you the thrill of battle.

Combine cards and use them to trigger the ""Ultimate Move"" to destroy your opponent!

Develop your own strategy by combining the unique skills of the [Seven Deadly Sins] characters.

Team up with friends to slay a giant demon in Deathmatch mode and enjoy exciting and diverse PvP content.

Enjoy Deathmatch with 2 player co-op content played in real time!

Defeat demons with a friend before it's time to defend the kingdom!

You can compete against players from all over the world in the arena.

Find your own strategy to win!

Build your own team in [Seven Deadly Sins]!

The [Seven Deadly Sins] heroes come together!

Dress up your character with unique costumes like never before!

A wide range of hairstyles and accessories to suit your customization needs!

Check out the new look of the [Seven Deadly Sins] characters!

The original world is recreated in detail - the animated story is reborn!

The continent of Britannia comes to life! The Holy War that ended 3,000 years ago begins anew.

Experience high-resolution 3D animated transitions and prepare for the Holy War with the characters of the [Seven Deadly Sins].

Characters rendered in AR and a variety of other Easter eggs await you!

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How to play

Players can choose from a range of heroic characters, build their own exclusive team, and use a new card-based battle system to defeat their opponents. The game emphasizes combining cards and characters to perform special moves and have more interaction with characters from the "Seven Deadly Sins" team wearing unique fashions, including original in-game character costumes, dialogues, an intimacy system, cooking, and more.

Grand Cross will offer turn-based battles and a cardboard-only game mechanic. In each battle, you will have a team of three characters facing one or more enemies. Each character you control has two different skills, which are randomly displayed as a series of cards at the bottom of the screen.

When it's your turn, you can tap and press three skills in the order you want. A hero can attack for three turns in a round, and you can also drag a card next to the same card to combine them to create a stronger version of that skill, but that hero can only fight for one turn. The enemy's turn will come only after all your skills have been used.

Each character has five dots below their health bar, and these dots fill up during battle. When they are all lit up, you will be able to use that character's Ultimate skill, which is usually an ultra-powerful attack against one or more enemies. The Ultimate is resolved using flashy full-screen animations, so it's both fun and effective.

How to get SSR characters

As with most games, the game has a variety of heroes with four rare classes: R, SR, SSR and UR. You can get certain characters as quest rewards, but in most cases, you'll go to the "Draw" tab and use special tickets or the game's premium currency, diamonds, to draw them.

In order to get the most out of SSR heroes (the best rarities found in raffles), you need to save at least 30 diamonds. Because spending 30 will give you 11 draws, or 3 diamonds for free at a time. The most important thing is that "Spend Diamonds" will fill the "Raffle Bonus" gauge at the top of the "Raffle" screen; once it is filled, your next 11 raffles will get you at least one SSR character.

How to get free diamonds

Log in every day, and Elizabeth will bring you something in return for your first login, occasionally including diamonds.

Complete Daily Quests - The Daily Quests found in the Quests tab of the Quests menu are a relatively easy way to earn some useful items along with diamonds.

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