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Goddess of Genesis S
Goddess of Genesis S
31 Aug,2023
Updated:August 16, 2021
Size:58.72 MB
Developer: Zilong Game Limited
Tags: role-playing simulation strategy team battle multiplayer boys girls iOS Android anime aesthetic plot drama RPG 3D real-time

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Meet some of the world's most famous and legendary heroes and write your own new story in this unforgettable journey! Embark on an anime adventure in Genesis Goddess S with a divine mission to save the world! Use the magic tarot cards to summon legendary heroes to join you in battle, fight the mighty forces of darkness, explore the vast world of fantasy, and uncover the secrets of an epic storyline!

Collect legendary characters such as Lucifer, Little Red Riding Hood, Athena, Gabrielle and more, re-imagined in a new and unique style, and battle elves, frost wolves, dragons and countless other creatures, all presented in full 3D high quality with defining graphics that make each character fascinating and immerse you in a breathtaking fantasy world. Command your team of heroes in battle and marvel at the amazing skills through gorgeous battle animations you'll want to watch over and over again!

Say goodbye to traditional 2D RPG battles and hello to innovative battles with HD 3D models. Each model consists of over 100,000 pixels, vividly capturing the essence of each character's unique personality. Welcome to a world where each hero is not just a fighting unit, but a living, breathing individual.

In this romantic and beautiful world of cultivation, you can become a member in which you need to bring your own idealization into the adventure; a variety of short storylines lead you to develop constantly, the situation itself is the dominant trend of the development of future short storylines, very casual fun;.

Each character has a unique set of skill animations designed to match their fighting style and lore, making each battle full of excitement and flashy special effects. Special relationships between heroes can also trigger more powerful damage effects.

The refined secondary style of the graphics, each character is a very delicate secondary beauty, are the type of players like very much, followed by the different skills you can use, the special effects of the skills to bring a more dazzling visual feast.

Each hero comes directly from the most famous legends, literature or history books. Goddess of Creation S boldly incorporates a range of historical elements into innovative new worlds and character settings, re-imagining your favorite heroes in a whole new light!

Amazing summoning rates! Easily summon rare SSR heroes that will not only help you complete your hero collection quickly, but also act as the backbone of your team.

Online 5v5 Duel - Choose heroes from six main classes to form a team of five fierce warriors. Goddess of Genesis S breaks away from the traditional RPG fighting concept with exciting, real-time battles against real players from around the world!

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How to play

Both normal and elite difficulty levels offer generous first-pass rewards, battle achievement rewards, and chapter treasure chests, and as you progress through the levels you'll receive massive amounts of astral diamonds and fate tarot cards to easily summon powerful SR and SSR heroes. Actively raid the levels and move forward with the goal of breaking through the chapters with full stars!

After passing the adventure level 4-5 will open the trial copy "the other side of the starlight", challenge this copy can get a large amount of equipment strengthening materials, and even have the opportunity to get ultra-rare equipment and artifact stones, to help you quickly improve the strength of the team.

There is a daily high prize mode in which you can get more and more rare rewards for breaking through the trial level. The number of daily high prizes is limited, so try to save it for the high difficulty level.

There is a special bond between different heroes. When they fight side by side, these heroes will trigger epic combo skills that are guaranteed to shock and amaze every time.

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