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"GreedFall" is an action role-playing game developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. It was released to the public on September 10, 2019. Set in the 17th century with a hint of magic and a strong baroque art style on the graphics, the game takes players on a journey to a new island to begin their journey, accompanied by other pioneers, mercenaries and gold seekers, but this strange land is favoured by magic. Rumoured to hold many long forgotten secrets, a series of mysterious events unfold as the player progresses on their journey, caught between the invading pioneers and the local natives who are protected by a variety of magical creatures that are the manifestation of the island's ancient magic.

Players will explore Tilfradi alongside other colonists, mercenaries and treasure hunters, while the locals, protected by supernatural creatures, will battle the invaders, including the player. There are three ways to play Greedfall, namely combat, diplomacy and stealth. Decisions made by the player will affect the story of the game and the relationship between the different factions on the island. Greedfall supports the enhanced graphics of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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How to play

Creating a character

Upon entering a new game, you will be exposed to the character building scene. First, choose the face, gender. Next, choose a profession. There are 3 professions in the game, they are Samurai, Technical and Magic. There will be hints of attribute preferences for each of the three professions, as well as the skill characteristics of each profession. Then, allocate the attribute points, you have two initial skill points to allocate.

In general, you need to allocate the attribute points properly according to the preference of the chosen profession. In addition to that, you need to choose the initial general talents, such as lockpicking, forging, etc. After completing all the operations, you will be able to enter the first chapter of the content.

There are two attack moves, one is a surprise attack and the other is to use your feet to interrupt your opponent's defensive stance. In addition, you can use the "pause" mechanism in the battle, at any time to adjust the skills, equipment and props. Both you and your enemy will have armor value, as shown in the picture, located in the upper left corner of the life slot. To defeat the enemy, you must first use a blunt weapon to break their armor. Using a pistol can throw the enemy off balance in battle, which in turn facilitates you to make quick counterattacks. Outside of the initial time, you can also use basic dodge and blocking skills to defend against the enemy's next attack. In addition to this, you will gain a large amount of rage value after you are attacked. The rage value allows you to perform a large energy attack, which can cause additional damage to the enemy. Character, Equipment and Backpack.

You can view your character's current status in the menu.

This contains the character's level, experience, life and magic, and skill points. In addition, you can see the diplomatic relations between the character and the five camps in the game. In the equipment menu, you can see what weapons you are currently carrying and what equipment you are wearing. In the backpack (item bar), you can see the various materials, consumables and quest items that your character currently has.

In addition, the backpack has a weight, so do not carry too many items if possible, as this will greatly increase the weight of your character.

Map, quest list, and gallery

The map shows the location of various important locations, such as key locations in the main and branch lines.

As well as business icons and other event icons. The quest list shows the main and side quests that the character has received.

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