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Stumble Guys
Stumble Guys
8 Aug,2023
Updated:July 27, 2023/July 28, 2023
Developer: Scopely, Inc.
Tags: Shooter Action Survival Multiplayer iOS Android Girls Boys.

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Welcome, Wobblers, to the zaniest and most riotous party of your gaming life - Stumble Guys! Prepare yourself for an epic, bouncy adventure like no other, where stumbling, tumbling, and laughter are guaranteed. Embrace the chaos, put on your wildest costumes, and join millions of players worldwide in this wacky online multiplayer experience.

In Stumble Guys, the name of the game is survival of the silliest! Take control of your adorable customizable character, affectionately known as a "Wobbler," and dive headfirst into a series of manic obstacle courses. Outrun your rivals, overcome fiendish challenges, and avoid treacherous pitfalls to emerge victorious. Only the last Wobbler standing will claim the crown!

From fabulous unicorns to gallant knights, the possibilities for personalizing your Wobbler are endless! Dive into a treasure trove of cosmetic items, outfits, and accessories that will let your personality shine in the pandemonium. Dress to impress, or simply embrace the absurdity and deck your Wobbler out in the most bizarre combinations you can think of!

Get ready to face a cavalcade of outrageous obstacle courses and bizarre challenges. Navigate through whimsical worlds filled with giant hammers, swinging balls, tricky trampolines, slippery slides, and much more! Each level is designed to bring the utmost laughter, frustration, and excitement as you battle for supremacy.

Form alliances with fellow Wobblers, or throw caution to the wind and go solo in this relentless frenzy. Will you trust your friends to have your back, or will you forge your own path to glory? The choice is yours, but remember – anything goes in the topsy-turvy world of Stumble Guys!

Expect the unexpected, as the dynamic nature of the game ensures no two rounds are ever the same. Adaptability and quick reflexes are key as you dodge swinging mallets, outrun crushing walls, and jump across platforms in the race for supremacy. Keep your wits about you, and remember: every stumble counts!

Stumble Guys transcends borders and brings players from all corners of the world together in a seamless and thrilling gaming experience. Connect with friends, compete with foes, or simply make new friends as you giggle your way to victory.

So, if you're ready to unleash your inner Wobbler and dive into an uproarious gaming fiesta, don't hesitate to join us!  Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a first-time party-goer, there's a spot on the battlefield for everyone.

Gear up, don your silliest outfit, and get ready to stumble, fall, and laugh your way to greatness in Stumble Guys – the party where chaos reigns supreme! See you on the bouncing battlegrounds, Wobblers!

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How to play

Stumble Guys offers a delightful blend of fun, chaos, and competition, where players embark on a series of obstacle-filled races and challenges. The objective is simple: be the last Wobbler standing at the end of each round.

Obstacle Courses Galore: Players will face a wide array of obstacle courses, each more challenging and unpredictable than the last. From dodging swinging hammers to traversing treacherous platforms, no two courses are the same. Adaptability and quick thinking are key as players must navigate these chaotic terrains.

Battle Royale Vibes: Stumble Guys follows the classic battle royale format, where players start each round as equals, but only the strongest and most agile will survive. As the number of participants dwindles with each course, the pressure mounts, and the competition intensifies.

Multiplayer Mayhem: Join forces with friends or go solo, but remember, alliances can crumble just as easily as they form. Will you work together or take the cutthroat approach? The decision is yours, and every choice has its consequences.

Costumes and Customization: Express your individuality through a vast array of costumes, accessories, and quirky outfits. Stand out in a crowd of Wobblers with your unique style and personalize your character to your heart's content.

Randomized Gameplay: Stumble Guys prides itself on unpredictability. Each round generates random elements, ensuring that no two playthroughs are identical. Prepare for the unexpected and be ready to think on your feet!

Stumbling is Part of the Fun: Embrace the chaos and be ready to stumble, trip, and fall along the way. While it's essential to aim for the top spot, remember that laughter and lightheartedness are at the core of Stumble Guys.

Quick Reflexes Matter: The obstacles are designed to test your speed and reflexes. Stay alert, as one mistimed jump or slip could send you plummeting to your doom. React swiftly and stay on your toes!

Adaptability is Key: Each level introduces new challenges, and players must quickly adapt to the ever-changing environment. Stay flexible and be prepared for anything.

Learn from Failure: Falling down is inevitable, but it's how you get back up that matters. Use each stumble as a learning opportunity to improve your skills and strategize for future rounds.

Competitive Spirit: Stumble Guys can get competitive, but remember that the game is all about having fun with friends and fellow players. Maintain good sportsmanship and respect others during the competition.

Global Player Base: Join a diverse community of players from around the world. Embrace the opportunity to make friends, learn from different gaming styles, and share laughter and camaraderie.

Get ready to stumble, laugh, and revel in the pandemonium that is Stumble Guys! The adventure awaits, and the crown is within your reach. So, gear up, choose your outfit, and embark on a journey like no other. Whether you're a seasoned Wobbler or a newcomer to the mayhem, Stumble Guys promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more!

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