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Boom Beach
Boom Beach
1 Dec,2021
Updated:November 12, 2021/November 17, 2021
Developer: Supercell
Tags: strategy combat survival simulation role-playing iOS Android fun build girls boys upgrade action RPG

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Welcome to Boom Beach: Make a plan or fail to leave! This is a strategy game that combines attacks against other players and attacks against the Dark Guard. The game's storyline is set in a tropical archipelago where players have defenses and troops

Use brains and strength to battle the evil Blackguard in this epic battle strategy game. Attack enemy bases, free enslaved islanders, and unlock the secrets of this tropical paradise. Create a contingent with players from around the world and fight the enemy together. Scout, plan, and then blast the beach!

Explore the huge tropical island map, discover the mysterious power of the Life Crystal constantly line up your troops to secure your defenses against incoming enemies attack the powerful Dark Guard leader's base and uncover their evil plans form an unstoppable task force with other players and work with each other to complete missions

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How to play

layers can join the battle by building their own fortress on the beach of a Pacific island and then attacking the enemies on the island. Players can build castles close to their beaches to attack the enemies on the island to earn rewards.

On the beach you not only need to fight against the enemy army but also need to mediate with other players in the internet. You only need to attack those players who try to cross your traps to attack.

 Boom Beach combines single-player battle royale gameplay with the ability to attack other players in multiplayer mode on the same map. The game pits players against an enemy called "The Blackguard".

In addition to the main aspects of the game, there is also a form of co-op where players gather "intel" (by destroying troops in defense, winning an attack or passing a bonus), which is then used to attack computer-generated bases in task force operations.

In total, the game has 11 types of troops: infantry, heavy machine gunners, rocket launchers, indigenous warriors, tanks, doctors, bombardiers, flaming chariots, frozen pioneers, mortars, and mechs.

Aircraft carrier is a real-time competitive gameplay in Island Warriors, which requires the command to reach level 10. The gameplay mainly involves attacking the opponent's aircraft carrier base, and the side with the most engine rooms left wins. If the number of engine rooms left is the same, the player with the highest destruction rate wins, and if the engine rooms are all destroyed, the player with less time to use wins. You can get upgrade coins and gold keys by upgrading your rank or destroying a certain number of engine rooms through the tournament. Upgrade coins are used to upgrade items in the tech tree, and gold keys are used to unlock items.

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